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Sports in Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptians were concerned of exercise and sports, although the concept of sport is what you do not recognize him now from the competitions, but there were kinds of different sports took two different types.
  Type I:
  Which can be called fun games and entertainment events in the national or holidays or other such occasions among young people, boys and girls, and these types of games

- Tug of war: this game is based on two teams of children pull the string part of each team and the winner is able to tug at him and the rhythm of the other team and sometimes does not use the rope and use of hands only, where the first two teams put their hands strongly and all the team pulls the player.
  2 - Football: It was made ​​of plant fiber or linen cloth was thrown between the competitors and legs and was unknown to us the laws of the game is between two teams, groups or individual basis? What are the standards for the winner win? We do not know, but certainly it was the only feet

- Handball:
The same size as a football play by hand, although members of the members of any between two equal and in some cases were made of animal skin, and also do not know the rules of the game and the standards of victory
- Tennis: It is similar to tennis or squash was practiced among all Mtbarien by each of them striking him by a long and a network to hit the ball and the laws and standards of play to win is unknown.

- Download weightlifting: a sport is a Senior competed to show their physical strength and muscle between Almtbarien and was a what looks like Alchukarh small containing sand sizes and different weights from the lightest to the heaviest and lift with one hand 0.6 - the enemy, and running: It is most famous as not only require skill to show the speed of the competitor and anticipate his peers and was practiced widely among boys and girls, most of the classes of the people

 7 - Girls soccer:
The girls, as with the other girls, where we get the girl and thrown the ball a handheld portable so that Atsagt from a colleague or lose the ball.
8 - Barriers:
It is based the game on seating and Dan opposite and starts to put up barriers to Mtbarien to jump the highest and Taktehma and begin development of a one and jumps all Almtbarien and step over them and at the completion of this stage is to increase a man his companion, and then jumps riders per Willow the other is then increased barriers several times by adding of one hand after another. Another type is a bowing of individuals and jump from above the competitor, then add another mode to uphold the body of the person reflux and jump competitors

The second type is usually to individuals with one profession such as the armies of war or fishermen, and these games: 1 - archery: a private Balrmah army and commanders in the army, especially the kings and people are setting goals and the Archer correction for the range of the sport of short distances to the distances the long arc of the double throw long or multiple targets to be infected in a short time or the strength to penetrate the arrow styled end, to establish panels in a row to see how strong the arrow to penetrate a number of panels.

2 - Shooting spear: a long stick finish with a bronze and practiced by members of the military and also for the fishermen who specialize in hunting hippo or crocodile or large fish by selecting the target, and the practice of archery was 0.3 - wrestling: It depends on the belligerents, each of them Bmassarah the other, a not vary by day and the winner of the throw beat his opponent to the ground and restrict his movement and control of the sport has seen a great encouragement from the rulers and individuals were engaged in private parties and have had heroes that used to be called up in the events which closely resemble wrestling Romanian.

Horse Riding: It is similar to the current sport, it is without the saddle of the horse to demonstrate the skill and strength and the extent governed by the knight in the horse without a bridle and there was a horse racing vehicles, a sport similar to that practiced in some European countries.

 Swimming: It was one of the oldest and water sports were practiced in the Nile River or the lakes or in the royal palaces, wealthy, or equipped with swimming pools, similar to the sport and was promiscuous among all layers of the Egyptian people

Emulation on the boat: It is especially fishermen either fish or hippos or crocodiles, where the standing of each team on the boat and every member of the boat in his hand a long stick and the intersection of boats and each team trying to inflict members of the other team in the river and the winner of able to keep on his boat , and was done in the scope of the celebrations to extinguish the joy and happiness

Bird hunting:
  Sport hunting was popular with the ancient Egyptians, especially the nobility and the elite and they are using curved sticks that are thrown in the direction of the bird to be caught and return to the spiral movement of a particular bowler. Archer looks and skill in tossing a stick curved in the art high-tech trains them for years


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