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Military in Pharaonic Egypt

Was for Egypt geographically distinct and blessed the God of reason Yes, in the greed of many people in the land of Egypt, so we find that Egypt faced many hostile attacks from the east, west and south throughout its long history the beginning of historical times, and even before.

So we find that Egypt knew a lot about the military and created a strong army to protect its borders different, whether on land or at sea, also the establishment of forts and castles on the Egyptian border to defend Egypt equipped with a garrison her big chief was called "the gates of the kingdom," With the beginning of the old state, we found that Egyptian army and his administration was divided into several departments:

1 - the management of arms 2 - Warehousing and Supply 3 - Industry warships.

 And the Department of the Army Corps itself to each commander called (my mother Ramha) and all Corps consists of several teams, "Abro" each leader and there was training for the army and prepared technically and physically, as well as supplying it with arms and clothing

From this we know that Egypt is known since time immemorial regular army based on a scientific basis in terms of forming and weapons training as well as methods of fighting the different technique of war, there are infantry, chariots, and holders of spears and throwing darts as well as a fleet and transport of supplies and armies and the righteous and the other martial arts.

  There was also interest in socially soldier by giving him a piece of land to be with him and his family relieved from taxes and forced labor in order to be eligible to fight psychologically, without concern for his family. However, military service were not hereditary, but in some cases mandatory for everyone to be ready to defend his homeland.

Thus possible for Egypt to go into many of the battles against the enemies of Egypt, whether in Asia or Africa, either on the Egyptian border or outside in the jungles of Africa against the Nubians, Africans or against the Asians to the north of Syria and Iraq, or against the Sea Peoples and Libyans in the west, and Egypt was able to maintain its territory against enemies and when it was collapsing institutions in Egypt and weaken the accessible and Istamrha enemies to be liberated again, again and again when the united efforts of her children.

  The usual post-war battles, particularly such as the famous battles of Thutmose III and Ramses II and Ramses III in the modern state was the Kings during the celebrations of the victory of Aanson soldiers and officers of shows them the courage and bravery are given medals and honors, titles, awards and grants over the dedication to the protection of Egypt


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