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Myth of Isis and Osiris

The myth of Isis and Osiris of the most famous myths that have reached us, and I have reached this story from many different sources, but details versed content, and four related to this myth are the goddess Isis and Osiris and Horus West
Believed in this myth that Osiris was king just a lover of good has governed Egypt from its headquarters in Lower, who taught his people agriculture and patriotism and the dissemination of justice in the reign of that gain people's love for him, and I have raised this love hate his brother six was so thought in the work of Moamra to kill him and dispose him, and he envied his brother six and wants the throne of Egypt prepared a great feast called for by his brother

He had made ​​a coffin inlaid with gold and gems and said that the coffin will be entitled to come on the measured, this was a coffin made ​​on the size of Osiris and had six had been prepared on the size of Osiris, and everyone started in the rotation of the coffin came up the role of Osiris. And when they lay the Osiris closed six associates coffin and threw it into the Nile, Osiris, and he died by drowning.

But Isis did not stand idle, but hit the ground in search of in search of her husband's body until she found them in Jbeil (Byblos), and but six succeeded in stealing the body and cut into 14 pieces (and in some accounts 16 part), he disperses in various places in Egypt, but Isis and Nephthys were able to restore body parts, and used magic to bring back the soul to him for a period of time and gave birth to Isis him a son, a Horus (magic too) and has been hard to live by Osiris as his first Vlzim him to live in the Kingdom of the dead. and be a king there.

And disappeared Isis for Aion six until the baby Horus and the Isis raising Horus in the jungles of the Delta secret and cooperated with the gods in his education so grown up and become a man, then returned Isis Bhors to the valley to demand six throne of Osiris, which has become now the right and his son Horus, has held many of battles between Horus and six and stood next to the gods Horus, even triumphed in the end, the following six

The gods established after that courts have not convicted of the gods what he did and gave the country the rule of Horus, while six became the ruler of the desert and brought back life to gods Osiris, but refused to be king on the ground, and preferred to be the ruler of the underworld away from evil

It is said that the origin myth of Osiris, he is a really belonged in the era of ancient highly on the land of Egypt as a whole was the capital east of the Delta "Bozyres" (Abu Sir - Banha current) has been interpreted his death by drowning at the hands of God, six have died in the revolution against him was based in "Otbus , "which became the seat of worship of the god of six (Tokh place in Qena), and thus Egypt was divided into two kingdoms, one in the Delta and the other in Ouhdta level and as a result of a successful campaign for Hmalen.


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