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Pharaoh Tuthmosis III

News of Ra, Thutmose III (1425 BC. M). Pharaoh myth .. Sixth Pharaohs of the Eighteenth Dynasty, and is considered the greatest rulers of Egypt, one of the most powerful emperors in
Of history.

Thutmose II died, leaving the throne to his son, Thutmose III, who was not old has exceeded six. The Hatshepsut, an aunt and his father's wife at the same time, and will install itself on the throne of King Thutmose III small. Two years later, the self-proclaimed queen of the throne and ruled for twenty years. Then disappeared, and Thutmose III ascended the throne of his father.

Thutmose III was enjoyed extraordinary personal traits and military genius of unparalleled Tuthmosis trained on the battlefields in Luxor. This training has earned him solid character and great military experience at a time when Hatshepsut ruled. And interest and make it a regular army and gave him knights and chariots, and in the custody of the ancient Egyptians mastered the industry thanks darts and arrows that have become recognized by the permeability of the supernatural Marjua today. And show us the statues of Tuthmosis III, this young man has had the macho elements of freedom fighter and leader,

  As at the time was governed by the Anspsot was pursuing a policy of peace with the region of Egyptian influence in Palestine and Nubia with its neighbors, and was interested in the Navy and sent maritime expeditions to the land of Punt and the coast of Lebanon for the trade, I took some of the reserves in Syria and the kingdom of Mitanni to rebel against the rule of the Egyptians and hostility. Once Thutmose III ascended the throne after the death of Anspsot and had to be re-Egyptian control the movements of those anti-insurance for the country's borders. Consequences of that made ​​him legendary warrior king made ​​six dozen military campaign to Asia (the region of Syria and Palestine) were able to prove his influence there, as proved the influence of Egypt to Nubia in the south.

The Emir of the city of Kadesh in Syria leads the alliance of the princes of the country's Asian in the Levant against Egypt at up to twenty-three army was expected to support Thutmose III defenses and troops on the Egyptian border near the Sinai, but Tuthmosis decided to go with his armies huge to face these armies in the land within the plan to expand the Egyptian Empire to the maximum extent possible and secure the border against the armies of the harassers.

 Tuthmosis trained soldiers on the best exercises and the Department of his army into the heart and wings, and use military tactics and maneuvers were not known before and built castles and forts. He then at the head of his army of Qantara and distance of 150 miles in ten days headed to Gaza and then cut eightieth miles again in a fortnight between Gaza and a city at the foot of Mount Caramel, there is a Tuthmosis III, a war council with his officers after he learned that the Prince Cadiz came to the city of Megiddo and collect around 230 prince armies and camped in the fortified Megiddo to stop the progress of Thutmose III and his army. There were three ways to access to Megiddo, two of them revolve around the foot of Mount Caramel and the third gorge, but goes straight to Megiddo has settled saw Tuthmosis that the army is going through the corridor third in the adventure turned parallel to the battle later and is considered one of the most dangerous adventures of armies in the ancient world .

Summoned to take the path of progress to surprise the enemy to carry the Egyptian soldiers gear military as well as their vehicles of war and horses They were untie chariots for easy carrying and slipped down the catwalk in small groups and that was a big risk for the army because Atkhadd Tuthmosis III, this road is to surprise the enemy camps on the scene the following passage.

The enemy forces have been stationed at the end of two roads Vchristan believing that the Egyptian army will come from one or both. At dawn the next day the king ordered the army of Thutmose III to re-installation of chariots and prepare for the sudden attack. And attacked his loss and was headed to the fore in the form of a semi-circle on the Megiddo was the surprise that Apadarham Egyptians this sweeping attack Fadtrbua and lost balance even become their armies in a state of chaos and lack of system and began the leaders of armies and brigades to escape, leaving behind their vehicles and large camp are filled with booty to enter the fortified city. Because of the concern of members of the Egyptian army was able to collect the spoils of Asians flee to the city and barricaded themselves in it. The consequences of the departure of the army in the collection of the spoils at the time they were able to eliminate armies Alaaadaauthakik complete victory of Thutmose III was forced to the siege of Megiddo seven long months until the surrender and the princes sent their children carrying weapons to be delivered to the King Tuthmosis III.

 He says a historian in ancient Egypt, ancient texts and stresses in the power of Egypt in the era of Thutmose III says (there is no power on earth can face the Egyptian army, who received military training superior and won under the leadership of genius is the king of Egypt's great Pharaoh Thutmose III). He returned the Egyptian army and his King Thutmose III of Egypt and with them a number of princes, the sons to live in Egypt under the control of the Egyptian princes, so as not to dare to rebel again

Interested in constructing a fleet of Thutmose III naval forces managed to control simplifies many of the islands of the Mediterranean such as Cyprus and also to expand the influence on the coast of Phoenicia (the coast of Lebanon and Palestine now). This is the first to set up the oldest empire in history, stretching from the Upper Euphrates as far north as the fourth cataract of the Nile River to the south. Egypt became the most powerful and richest empire in the world where the Egyptians lived summit glory and strength.

Nicknamed Tuthmosis III (b Abu Empires) and also nicknamed (Napoleon Middle) as well as (the first emperor in history) as one of the geniuses unique in the history of the military through the ages, and considering plans the military in many colleges and military academies all over the world: the first of the division of the army into the heart and wings, and has engaged the British Empire, many of his plans in the battles, especially by Lord Allenby in his battles against the Ottoman Empire in World War I. it was to this wise policy impact on the coherence of the Egyptian empire for a century and the dissemination of the Egyptian culture there

Built Tuthmosis III in a good many of the temples of two temples, one next to the Temple of Hatshepsut at Deir el-Bahari, and has built Albwabtan giant sixth, seventh and banquet hall in the temple of Karnak and completed the construction of a temple Habo initiated by Hatshepsut, and established a temple of the god Ptah in his home in Memphis, and contains the temple three rooms the first of Ptah and the second Hathor, goddess of good and the third of the goddess Sekhmet wife of Ptah is represented by a statue with the head of a lioness Iatlah disk of the sun, has a temple in the term and obesity, and established a temple in Elephantine of God Sataat, and has effects in Kom Ombo and Edfu, Ain Shams and Armant.

 Established Tuthmosis III at least seven stelae, most is now in a number of capitals of the world, including the obelisk in London (is one of the Mslten ordains Tuthmosis III to the Temple of the Sun Bahleopolas The transfer engineer Grecian called Bntios to Alexandria to Aodaa front of the Temple of Isis, has landed the obelisk over the base during the fourteenth century BC, is said to Mohammed Ali Pasha donated to Britain in 1831, but did not reach London until in 1878 where it remained lying on the ground throughout that time for not being able to move so as to ensure the costs of transfer traffic Erzms Wilson did the same thing a special ship to transport them, and the ship was on its way to return to the sinking as a result of the storm in the Bay of Biscay, but was saved the obelisk and arrived safely.

It is worth mentioning that this obelisk has suffered a scratched fragments of bombs during the Second World War on the River Thames, known as the needle of Cleopatra, which was a Thutmose had erected in front of the Temple of Ain ​​Shams, and the obelisk of the other currently in Istanbul is one of the Mslten ordains Tuthmosis before the edifice VII (gate great ) Temple of Karnak has moved Emperor Theodoros in 510 m, and in fact represents only the upper part of the obelisk of the obelisk was originally much longer than any obelisk now exist.

And has an obelisk other in New York hosted by Tuthmosis in front of Temple of the Sun This obelisk and obelisk to London twins, a list is now in Central Park, as is Thutmose at the end of his days that are held obelisk before the edifice VIII from the Temple of Karnak, but not completed due to the death, and left in place for 35 years to be found Tuthmosis IV and erected in the place destined to him and are now in Rome in front of the Church of St. John Ballatyran, by Constantine the Great King of state Alrmanih transfer of this obelisk, which weighs 455 tons, to Alexandria in 330 AD to be sent to Byzantium to beautify his new capital. but failed to move stayed and remained in place for 27 years until it was his son Kstuntunaios transported to Rome and Oqmha in the field of maximus, in the year 1587, disclosed and found broken into three pieces Vtm repaired and restored by Domenico Fontana by order of Pope Sextus V and erected in its place the current Allatyran the field, and also ordered to lift the cross on the summit, believing that this symbol of the victory of paganism to Christianity.

Established Tuthmosis III, the oldest empire in the history of the maximum limits of Egypt in its history, reaching the borders of Egypt to the Euphrates River, Syria, east and Libya to the west and to the coasts of Phoenicia and Cyprus Hmalao to the headwaters of the Nile as far south as the Fourth Cataract or Waterfall fourth and the administration in his strong highly qualified as Thutmose gave autonomy to each region belonging to the throne due to the wide empire, and the different races and varying customs and laws from region to region.

Matt Tuthmosis the age of 82 years after the rule of fifty-four years, as stated in the text of Amenemhat "... from the first year until the fourth session in the third month of winter, the last day of the reign of His Excellency the King" of the news of Ra "King of the state of Egypt is the northern and southern Egypt "... did not know the history of Egypt king wept upon the Egyptians and mourned him deeply saddened, such as what happened with Tuthmosis III, and after his death, a ceremony of mourning and burial property followed by all Egyptians, the largest funeral in history, ancient and buried in a cemetery in Valley of the Kings had prepared for himself a cemetery No. 34,

Where one of the early kings who built tombs for themselves in the Valley of the Kings, his tomb was discovered in 1898 by Victor Loret world and found the tomb had been looted by the mummy was not found in the Deir el-Bahri in 1881. And months of his statements to the Secretary of the famous Rukhmy Ra "is not pleased the Lord of bias (corruption), be vigilant The post minister Imad all the earth is not for the Minister to enslave people, listen to the complainant from the south and the Delta or any other spot .. acted justly Vamahabah abhorred by the Lord .. Be fair with who you know and you do not know ...».


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