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Importance of family in Pharaonic Egypt

The ancient Egyptians knew that the marriage of the most important factors of a good society, the family composition of the ancient Egyptians is of the utmost importance and the man was recommended by his children and that children grow up to find that the parents begin to search for good wife for their son to perpetuate their memory and his children help him in his work.

We find that the wise men such as al-Hakim "Ptah Hotep" advised his son to marry, he says to him: "If you are a wise man's family fact for yourself." There is also a wise son, another recommended "that it was wise to take his young wife gives birth to his children. Nothing so well in the presence of a man's home is his."

As well as wise, "I," he said, "take one's wife for himself when he was young, so give him a son, you raised him and you in your youth and live to see and become a man of that happy abounded Forums Aoukrunh Everyone and his family for his children."

 He was wise, such as: "I am" advised his son saying, "Obey your mother and I respect, God is the one who gave it to you, have your campaign in the stomach a heavy burden shouldered Babih alone, without help, and when she was born has to serve you or thin you, and then were breastfed for three years. .... etc.. remember that your mother have begotten not let Tlomk and raises her hand to God will hear her complaint.

Here we find that community's interest in the mother of the most important pillars of the community balance and after her husband in ancient Egyptian society. Also interested in the Egyptian society to work on the strength of family ties among the members of the family, where couples are advised to wise good treatment of the wife, the wise one says: love your wife at home, as is fitting out and hope her stomach with food and clothes, X-back.

Happy as long as her heart alive, they field a good thing for her husband. Here and make love between the couple based on conjugal and this is what his body artist in both the Egyptian landscape mural painted inside the walls of the tombs of individuals, as well as statues of the family and some of the statues of ownership.

Also recommended that the wise husband to be friendly, he says: "Do not be rude or harsh-hearted, because the soft not work with it more power. Pay attention to what you want from it and to turn towards him her eyes and, bring it, Only thus Tstbgaha in your home and make them live in your house, and be happy If your hand with cooperation. The intention is to work on time stability in the home between spouses.

Was the Egyptian regular wife interested in the affairs of the house is the first pillar in the family stability including the duties of food preparation and house cleaning and tailoring and attention to private business to help her husband, whether at work or agriculture, and she went to the market along with raising the children and their education, so we find in her old age respected and venerated of the spouse, children, this was of Egyptian women a special place in the family and society, and was called the title "Spring Bar" housewife or "six house" and had the freedom to run the house as you like

 As mentioned the wise men and women not to mix with foreigners, both men and women and away from corruption, while maintaining the dignity of the dynastic and the secrets of the houses, such as: "Do not enter house is authorized only when you say the owner: Welcome.

With different levels of social class Egyptian families rich and poor and between them were those concepts, ethics, education is a feature that combines the rich and the poor

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