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The great Inca civilization

Inca (Inca) empire of old built by people from the Indians in the region of South America, which has a culture rooted in the foot and includes the land of the Incas, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador, part of Chile and Argentina, they built their capital of Cusco, a city of luxurious and full of temples and palaces are located at an altitude of 11,000 feet above sea level sea ​​in the Andes has been dubbed the Holy city of the Sun, an area of ​​990,000 square kilometers

The word «Anka» means the king or the only son of the sun, and manifestations of alien that he marry his sister's sister province of the royal blood, called the Queen «Koya», is the two descendants of the sun god as worship false, and said that the descendants of the empire he has a hundred children of this hybrid , and the king has the right to grant an additional wife of the nobles of the elite, and is still the habit to take place now between the rich forests in the jungles of the feudal «Peru», and «Ecuador», and «Bolivia» and some Latin American countries

 The beginning was the Andes in about the year 1100 AD, and lasted until the Spanish conquest in 1532 AD. Civilization of the peoples of the Incas seemed to the onlookers behind in the form and way of life, but left the imprint strange and puzzling damage to the myths that say that they came from outer space splendor of the inheritance left him.
Reached the people of the Incas to build a state of social justice and the government placed her hand on the ground to ensure the people's livelihood, gold, silver and other metals and herds of cattle, especially the llamas, who plays communications. The family's main gauge in the divisions of government, each group of ten families of the commander is responsible to the Captain, who oversees fifty families who participate in government, and each family a certain amount of crop land, as they were hatching their clothes and make their shoes and Asbikun gold and silver themselves, and the infirm, the sick and the poor throw adequate care of the community

Was for the people of the Incas experience in agriculture, where they produce excellent crops and making canals to bring water from the mountain areas for watering their fields have been built bridges made ​​of branches of the vine and willow scheduled ropes.
Alankjon mastered the fine cotton weave skillfully so that when the Spaniards invaded believed that the fabric made ​​of silk
After centuries of prosperity, their empire was divided into two parts so he and the invading Spaniards destroyed the empire.

Detected the remains of one of the tombs of the Incas where he found the package in about 1200 one places on an area of ​​5 ha, each containing the body of at least one, and the number of bodies found in one of the packages on the seven bodies are still thousands of them buried beneath the town.
So far been detected 2,200 men, women and children of the rich and the poor on their part to some food, clothing and household items to use in the life of the Hereafter.
 South America is the third continent of the world in terms of area .. Assets descended population of the continent of Asia .. Lands known as gradient of the peaks of the Andes volcanic mountain range along the west coast to the fertile plains in the center and east, crossing the green pastures feed numerous rivers, mostly in the Atlantic Ocean on the east coast. Characterized by fertile territory dusters good in most parts of the continent .. Came to Portugal, followed by the Spanish in the middle of the sixteenth century during the height of the glory of the European empires and the frantic race to the discovery of the New World and opened it.

Apnea of Tnauda European civilization and sovereignty of the existence of a civilization rooted in the foot stretched from northern Ecuador and even Chilean State, built by the Indian peoples seemed to the onlookers behind in the form and way of life, but left the imprint of confusion and legends say they came from outer space to the splendor of inheritance known civilization «peoples of the Incas». Surrounded «Cusco» DC four major cities in ways that very precise elegance and slave estimated size from between ten to twenty-five thousand miles is one of the wonders of split mountains in that historical period, including what is special only the king and his family, including what is to the servants, moving to four key states represent «Hinchaesawio» in Colombia and the current «Kontesoao» in Chile and now «Kolacio» in the State of Bolivia and «Antesoao» in Argentina's current and those cities that still exist showing the vast size of the territory of the Inca empire.

 Cultural heritage of the Incas, there were eight kings, from the founder of Asiturien «Manco Kobhak» and even «The» Erakoa, continues to rule the royal family up to fourteen generations. When the invading Europeans to the region in the reign of King «Bachakotk» in 1471 entered a whole generation of kings in a bitter struggle for a long time to spread it over the white man and the fiery political cunning, and the kings of Mwbaderh Incas assassinated in times of one, and sometimes Ihadden until the arrival of supplies from Europe until the Spanish Captain was able to «Martin Garcia» marriage is for you «Tupac Amarillo» and then arrest and get rid of it so he condemned the imperial capital of Cuzco in 1572 and began looting from the date of the era of ancient civilization in about 1200 BC. Spanish took the city «Cuzco» capital until destroyed by the earthquake in 1650.

The official language of the state called the «Runa Simi Runa Simi» She did not write to now, it has been handed down orally, some of their own laws. Inca adopted a law in life to say: you are punished if you «a thief or a liar or lazy,» The secret of this law strongly on grassroots people

Known to the Incas engineered accurate measures reflected in the presence of sculptors rarely known ancient civilizations like them because they simply did not allow them to take from any of the civilizations in their area, creating legends and myths about how to move and sculpt the rocks so accurately as if they used the inhabitants of other planets, they built the temples of the sun «Allowakas», and building bridges outstanding «Alshaka» corridors between the mountains and rivers, mountain streams Roaring users ropes woven metals supported on huge wooden scaffolding, so that the person pulling a rope from the top takes a certain bit, like with rollers,

And circulated this system engineers trained on the length of the road network in the Empire, supported those bridges mail system known as the «Chasski», which was used in which young men strong, who riding on an animal «Lama» The similarities, which combines the ostrich, and the horse to carry a verbal message, material or banknotes and taxes property known as (Pkubiko), and a distance of more than 250 miles a day between the hammers very mountainous in the slalom, which shows good Indians Inca, Inca has succeeded to a large extent in the link between rock carved without the articles of Association

The word «Anka» means the king or the only son is a Sunday and one of the features that he married his sister, sister to keep the royal blood and the so-called «Queen Koya» The descendants of two of the worship of the sun god, and according to the error is said to be descendants of the imperial children were 400 of this hybrid and the king only the right to grant additional noble wife of the elite .. This is still usually carried out so far between the rich forests in the jungles of »Peru feudal« and «» Ecuador and «» Bolivia and some Latin American countries.

Pyramids were built Inca person known socially as the absolute ruler of the class comes after the nobles «» Alaurijones or who have large ears attached to the jewelry heavy and then «Alrona» or public servants of the people and homes or «» Alyankonaz then slaves or «Almitmeyz» one of the manifestations of the kings of the Incas who wants to enter the king to carry much weight on his back and crawled into his eyes and lifted from the ground when talking with the king, who is usually surrounded by a number of his wives in order to clear the mouth of one when it comes to magic, which may prevent the grass-roots involvement King !
  And carries the king Hodge of gold and clothes to wear the finest types of wool and usually do not touch his feet in the ground and holds a scepter of King Golden three hawks and wearing a mask golden like a rope «a so-called» Mascaibacha hanging threads of gold, called «in» Olayto and wear a hat and ostrich feathers Hgayn gold and a cover of the skin The wool of rare sirloin Alvicua football Almrassa, precious stones and even French created

Land along the slopes of the Andes, they found layers of skilled cold in wool spinning and weaving and clothing to avoid evil Yoshhaa cold, rich in gold and gems that abound in the Kingdom a natural product of volcanoes, it is like there is in the form at the mouths of rivers without Paljahez States, mining, and make them coveted the invaders Spanish after them in the modern history of the Portuguese, known as the embalming of the Incas and the civilizations of ancient Egypt and Nubia of Sudan and built the pyramids in Mexico are now in place to save the mummies of kings «Malikii» and all their possessions, which they claim they will use in the afterlife.
  The official language of the state called «Runa Runa Simi Simi» is written so far, but do not pass an oral language, the language of Quechua. Inca adopted a law punishable by life if you say that you «a thief or a liar or» lazy and the law came into force on the people at the grassroots level. Reflect the engineering standards known as the Incas in minutes and is well-known sculptors of ancient civilizations like them because they simply did not have to enter any of the civilizations in the region, and the creation of legends and myths about how the rocks and sculptures as if they were residents of other planets

And build the Temple of the Sun «Alwakas», and the construction of suspension bridges «Shaka corridors» between the high mountains and rivers, thundering mountain using ropes woven metals, supported on wooden scaffolding huge for the withdrawal of a certain person takes a rope and are trained to the highest peak, pulleys and similar to the system engineers to the length of the road network in Empire, supported mail system bridge, known as «Chasski», which was used by young people who ride a strong animal, llama, which combines the similarities between the ostrich and the horse to carry a verbal message, material, or with foreign currency and real estate taxes, known as «Kobeko »and beyond a distance of 250 miles a day between the villages and hammers in the slalom mountain too, indicating a good Indian Inca, has managed the Inca to a large extent in the relationship between the rock carved with the Commonwealth of materials, and the words of the houses built in a large class of rocks in
 In a surprised lap mountain overlooking the valley for agriculture, including the bedrooms and lounge food stores, as required, both ventilation and light technical skills Bonaml archaeologists given knowledge of the roles so nice Almighty, due to the fact that the nature of the belt of volcanoes known as the month of earthquakes in the world, making it Ihtaton not to resort to the use of clay, but adopted by the Assembly to dig a piece of rock and one of the residents of housing on a large scale, making it suitable for their towns and villages, and a school for engineers, architects and modern even now. God gave her the art of traps Inca agricultural of all other civilizations in the volcanic soil fertile that were not to stand up to heavy rain to the mountains, but the rain created a sophisticated system of irrigation water to come in, such as the dam and then say the ground slowly without firing or loss to remember

Marry the Incas usually at an early age between 15 to 20 years old, and the odd thing is that the husband does not have a hand in the selection, but family, or leaders, or the owners of land, are the ones who choose to have his wife, and the primary measure of marriage is reproduction numerical where breeding like numbers to the need to help the hands to work, and assist in the mountains, harsh life, and usually offers gold, or precious stones as gifts from the husband's family, and provides the people of the bride clothing wonderful wool spinning, and stored grain.
Is the woman was marginalized to the Inca civilization? It was not women's key role in the life of the Incas, where reliable aspects of life hand in hand with men in agriculture and animal grazing «alpaca» which is similar to sheep, and raising the children, but that does not prevent the absolute sovereignty of the man

And built the Inca in the pagan peoples of the strike completely, and animals, and birds such as lion mountains or Alcajawar and the owl, and natural features such as thunder and lightning temples to worship and protection of the priests are appointed to serve as intermediaries between the public and Iebdonh «The» Erakoa Zachrvo and those temples with gold and precious stones and provide alien to them, such as the slaughter of the sacrifice of an orphan girl did not inform the parents at the beginning of the rainy season .. But some historians go to the sanctification of the sun, and this is called «Tnithm Ante» or the son of the sun and the pyramids built for this purpose to reach the sunlight above the dense forests of the Amazon relative Tmantm evidence and were united after the scope of the empire.

Anka Wade called Machu «Picchu comprehensive Picchu», which they consider sacred valley of the river, and cut «Oorobamba» Bible, they are keen to traffic and the washing water and the river in the belief that the presence of the supernatural person who is going through, strange it absorb the stones a small pebble of the valley or even Oashabh placed under the tongue or skin, or even Mkhadahm them, thinking they are the enemies of ignorance, and bring luck or magic cure, and increase the power of sex, and the immune system against diseases. Excelled the Incas in herbal medicine and in particular the requirements of the beauty of the skin and lose weight and net treatment of diseases of the blood and digestive tract, where they discovered that the experience of some of the roots of plants in the forests of the Andes, and the role in it.

 When people feel the Incas began operations-term, particularly in the customs of the whole called «Shaman» who knows his burial place and the purposes for which will be, and how and how Thanith temporarily return to life after death, they are confident they are in the myths that people spend only after from the dead three days and then return to life in the form of another person

 Impressed by the people of the Kingdom of the Incas and American Indians and indigenous peoples in Latin America and researchers in the ancient civilizations because it did not take any of the civilizations nearby and grew up in one of the peaks of the roof of the world in addition to the establishment of the pyramids of huge stone and very accurate, engineering, and brought huge stones from the mountains to the forests of the mid-way remote on the arguments raised by some, and even the imagination too much intervention by the foreigners who lived with them, and the rich culture of the Incas to the general circulation of precious stones and precious metals used in the method of buying and selling trade-off in addition to the availability of agricultural wealth reasonable that made all the desired by the Spanish and Portuguese colonists, who stole these are the riches of civilization has been staggering in its various forms, and to this day trying to emulsification wealth of nations and civilizations in various parts of the world in different ways. It remains for us to know that the effects that reflect the origin of the Incas were badly damaged by several earthquakes hit the region at home and on the coast


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