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Civilization Spa

Spa culture and civilizations of the most famous Aargaha as mentioned in the Koran, especially Queen of Sheba
Kingdom of Sheba is the ancient kingdom stretched from the shores of the Red Sea, Abyssinia, and included the southern Arabian Peninsula, where Yemen is located in our day and continued until the takeover of the state Ahumairia in the late third century AD, the Kingdom began to flourish around the eighth century BC. M.
Saba has been known for its wealth traded perfumes and pearls, incense and frankincense. It was reported production of perfumes in a variety of sources such as the Old Testament and the Iliad. Saba has stated in the Qur'an, Sura also holds one of her name and that of the many stories about, the most famous story of Bilqis Suleiman, and the story of the great dam and flood Aerm

The kingdom of "Sheba" was not associated with the history of Yemen deep as the Kingdom of ancient kingdoms as linked to the name of Sheba mentioned in the holy books, and woven around legends, tales and stories, are evidenced by the backlog over the centuries of images and the implications and fantasies outstanding on the popular imagination and the work of many artists a symbol of the mating features of exquisite beauty, and prosperity have wide-ranging and abundant wealth and power invincible.
Created the Kingdom of Sheba before the tenth century BC. M and its capital city of Marib, was able to kings around the middle of the eighth century BC. M from the construction of the dam the famous bridge of Marib and the establishment of commercial relations with the shores of Africa and with countries as far away as India and Greece, and settled Sboaon areas in the Africa, where they set up Memklh subject to them, known as the «Kingdom Aloksom

Remained arose civilization of Sheba in dispute so far, Valsbion did not begin writing their reports government until the year 600 BC, so there is no previous records of this date, and is believed to Sboaon have found their community of 650 to 115 BC, collapsed civilization about 550 after birth, because of the attacks, which lasted two centuries and which they are exposed to it by the Persians and the state Ahumairia

Returns the oldest sources which refer to people of Sheba to King Sir John records the second Assyrian war (722-705 BC), in those records indicates the Assyrian king in his records that without the nations that were paid him taxes to the king of Saba "Eight Amara." This is the oldest source refers to the civilization Sabean, but it is not right to conclude that this civilization has been built around 700 BC depending only on this source only, because the likelihood is this civilization before, and very likely, and this means that the history of Saba may precede this date stated in the inscriptions wanted Nanar, a city of Ur of the later kings, the word "Seboum" which means "city of Sheba" If true, the interpretation of this word as a city of Sheba, it means that the history of Sheba back to 2500 BC.

Says, "Ruban" to present evidence on the existence of the Kingdom of Sheba back to the beginnings of civilization of the southern Arabian Peninsula, in the oldest texts discovered in Yemen dating back to the eighth century BC, we find the name of "Sheba" the attributes of kings known as "Mkrb Sheba," a text The first is characterized by restricting them, and carved on the stone marking the completion of the construction ritual offerings to provide pots, and the Kingdom of Sheba was then theocracy "religious" based on the collective worship of some gods.
The national "Christian Ruban," a German archaeologist, that all the evidence and archaeological evidence confirms that the Sabaeans had taken from the area of ​​Marib, the capital of their kingdom, "Sheba" and confined to the territory of Saba in the origin region of Marib, the Kingdom of Sheba expanded during the reign of the famous Lord Oalhawwala in "700 - 680 "BC to include all the western regions of Yemen, and later confined in the regions of Marib and Sana'a, the capital Sabean II, which created about the first century AD

The army Sbi of the most powerful armies of that time, was among the rulers extension expansionist well, swept Saba area Alqin, and gained control of several areas on the African continent, and in 24 BC, during a campaign against Morocco, he defeated the army Sbi Army Marcus Oelios Gallus Roman, who ruled Egypt as part of the Romanian Empire, which was the greatest force at that time undisputed, Sheba can be imaged as the country was a political moderate, but it would not have been delayed in the use of force when necessary .. Saba has been a standing army, and advanced civilization of the "great powers" of the time

With regard to distinction text Sbi from the other, he said, "Christian Ruban" is judged originally Sbi of the text given to the language, and the gods contained therein, as well as places and institutions, especially the calendar that belongs to Saba, stressing that the use of language Sabaean alone is not enough for the ruler Besbih text, have been used language by the Sabaean kingdom of Himyar from 110 BC up to 560 AD, and because this year's dates for the last texts written in the Sabaean alphabet.
Historical sources say that talk about this civilization: it was like the Phoenician civilization, most commercial activities, these people have dominated the trade routes that pass through the north of the island, the Sabaeans to the traders to take leave of the Assyrian king Sir John the second governor of the region, which lies north of the island , if they want to reach Btgarthm to Gaza and the Mediterranean, or to pay a tax on their business, and when these traders began to pay taxes to the Assyrian king, without their name in the Annals of that region

.Known Sbion through history Kqom "with civilization high" show words such as "retrieve", "dedicate," "constructive," frequently in the inscriptions of their rulers, and is the dam of Marib, who was one of the most important features of this civilization, clear evidence of the technical level of the advanced reached by these people; However, this does not mean they were weak militarily, it was the army Sbi of the most important factors that ensured the continuation of this civilization has held for a long time
And Dr "Christian Ruban" provide significant resources from the cultivation of aromatic plants in the desert south of the island, such as chewing gum, which unites in Hadramout in particular and bitter, and some products the Indian and African value that was passing through the Arabian Peninsula, such as gold, ivory, and thyroid gland turtle and various types of precious wood, Saba has imposed itself as a mediator is not a must

.And the impact on its regional Saba said a German archaeologist, "Sabean is the only language that was used in the names of the flags in the southern Arabian Peninsula, if the name of the person has a conscience, or the ownership of the infringer did Mfolin, these grammatical forms differ in the Sabaean language than in languages ​​concerned and Alqtabanih and Hadrami.
He added: "Also in the field of architecture, the polygonal columns and capitals of columns with square sections and decoration Balhz and Almdharusat or decoration of a frieze topped with polished interfaces Moshe in the middle, the decorative and pictorial ammunition also provides a good example of the effect of Sbi

He says that there can be no doubt as to the residents of the south Arabian Peninsula, the ancient, as well as for the kingdoms of the Abyssinian first was Sheba source of legitimacy and pride, and must distinguish between the two periods in the history of the Kingdom of Sheba, the first lasted from the eighth century until the first century BC and dominated by the economy, "caravan" directed towards the large markets in the Middle East, the Middle Euphrates basin, during the eighth and seventh centuries, and in Gaza in the period, "Persian", and finally in Petra during the period, "Hellenic
The Marib is the capital of Sheba, and was very rich, thanks to its geographical location, the capital was very close to the River Aldhna that point was the confluence with Mount Belk very suitable for the construction of a dam, used Sbion this feature and built a dam in the area where I grew up civilization, and began practicing irrigation and agriculture, and so arrived at a very high level of prosperity. Marib was the capital of the most prosperous areas in that time. Greek writer Pliny said, who visited the region and Mdhaa to dwell in the said land and it is wide and green
 Sources indicate the historical and archaeological sites to the temple (Pran) is the main temple of the god (Almqh) state machine Sabean, called the public have a view (Moharram Bilqis), and dates its construction to the fifth century BC, ie to the time of Almkrb Sbi, "which called the Dhirh theme to the bin, "which has fenced wall of the temple.
These were important as a symbol of religious authority in Saba, and it was necessary to the people, which included a visit to the State Sabaean temple (Pran), and offerings and vows to the God of Almqh Mr. (Pran), an expression of submission and loyalty to the state Sabean.
In addition, the Temple of Bran of the most famous places of pilgrimage Yemeni and non Yemeni - the Hajj and its rituals and rites own - and the visits of pilgrims take place in certain seasons of each year, there have been pilgrimages collective being during the month (Zibha), while individual pilgrimage season, which is different rites and rituals of Hajj for the collective, it was conducted within a month (The Hobbs

Pran temple remained a holy place where it carries out acts of worship to the beginning of the second half of the fourth century AD, the temple appears to be abandoned after that, which is consistent with the emergence of acts of worship (God of heaven and earth) and the cult-Rahman (Rahmann). And became a forbidden Bilqis and the Marib kiss for tourists and an important subject of archaeological research, especially after he became the first archaeological sites being a consolidation and maintenance operations are open to tourism.
  Is still a large part of the effects of Yemen buried under the ground, where archaeologists believe that the removal of the dust may reconsider it in the ancient civilizations. Dr. "Burckhardt Phuket" team leader of the German Institute of Archaeology, who has worked archaeological excavations at the site of the temple during the period, "1988 1997" Team Leader consolidation and maintenance "1998 2000", that the temple developed in the ninth century BC Temple of simple to complex a comprehensive include worship facilities, workshops, and a small kitchen and facilities for the purposes of economic development

He adds, "Phuket" in a report published recently: "The temple was used on over 1500 at least a year and on an ongoing basis." He pointed out that the temple of the gods Almqh Bran most sacred temple of Marib, the capital of the Sabaeans.
Was found during excavations on the dozens of inscriptions and a group of statues, and also found several colors and decorated with stone benches.
According to the report, "Phuket" occupies the temple (Pran), a privileged place among the rest of the temples of God Almqh both those built in Marib, or those located in places far from the present state Sabaean temple Almgah in Sarwah, and the Temple of "Hiran" in Amran, the Temple "Mafm" near of wine, and others

.Marib Dam
Historical significance lies in the fact that the effects of months of Yemen and the greatest engineering building is the Arabian Peninsula, also lies in the fact that teachers needed constant Sabaean civilization from the beginning through the peak of prosperity, and even moments of collapse and then cracking on impact.
Construction dates back to the eighth century, and probably the seventh century BC, as stated in the inscription is installed on the southern bank building of the dam Almkrb name "Ben-Ata is the theme to", which charted the city of Marib and became a Mcarph the seventh century BC.

.Specifications indicate the greatness of the Sabaeans, was built in a narrow Balkh North and Balkh the South Valley Znh Kmoukaa a natural fit for a dam with a capacity assembly area at the top of the Straits so that it looks like a basin is ideal for water containment, and the length of the body of the dam 720 meters and a height of about 15 meters, while the fish of 60 meters at the base, and its foundations were built of huge stones and dirt above the wall is covered with stones and gravel from the sides and at both ends of the dam is located two banks "Sdvan" of water the water to the two principal channels.
Constructive way refers to after engineering an intellectual, he built the dam wall of basis points the valley on the rock (the mother) stones large and Baaloha dam wall above gradually been carving rocks for banks "Sdwin" in the southern side at the foot of Mount Balkh East and the opposite side on the rocks of Mount the northern Balkh and then complete built on the rocks of the mountains Akunan channel connecting two large incision Osfielhma of rock and built interfaces Oalihama thick of large stones Almhendma square ribs, some of which were installed over some cohesion and coherence

 Destroyed the dam and was destroyed four times due to the accumulation of sediments in the menstrual basin, most recently in the era of Abraha al-Habashi years 552 AD. And the rest is some of the features of the dam wall, and buildings Alsdwin North and South, in addition to the two main channels, which were Paljntin connections ensure easy access banks, and watersheds in Gantin agricultural lands of North and South, a transformational small dams divide the water that it receives from the two main channels.
Qahtan died and the King expresses his son Ben Qahtan, the first pronunciation of the Arabic
Then the king after his son pale Ben expresses. He is not condemning bin expresses bin Qahtan bin Aas bin Ais bin toss bin Hoalkh bin Sam bin Noah and I of his descendants may be Honevs the person in question and the Arab descendants of Hoalkh Bin Sam and Tukdbed novels which appeared in gorgeousness and the end of Ibn many, and God knows

Then the king after his son Abd Shams bin and their faces to the king over the invasion in the countries of the country was called a spa and this Mayoakdh hadeeth of the Prophet peace be upon him the greatest when asked by a Bedouin who is Sheba Hae land or is the man replied the Prophet that he name of a man how much was in the novel Al-Bukhari and Muslim, which is the built a dam, the land of Marib and the dawn of the seventieth river way the mechanism of flooding valleys far and Hmalm contained the texts of reliable, as reported standard history texts I'm from us the dam are several kings, does not belong to one and greater chances that he is one of the foundations of the dam was not completed construction in his reign and Lacan supplemented from the successors of kings and sons of a distant, who built the city of Marib, known spa city of Marib and was told that the title of king of Yemen, which follows behind the Saba mentioned several children including: donkeys, Amr and Kahlan and feel, and others.

And when he died, King of Saba Yemen donkeys behind him after his son Ben to the king of Saba and Thamud out of Yemen to the Hijaz. Then the king after his son Ben and Ethel donkeys.
Then the king after his son Ben and Ethel Siksik.
Then the king after bin Al Siksek.
And then jumped on the King of Yemen, a Dhuraash Amer Ben Baran Bin Awf bin donkeys.
Then he got up from the brown and Ethel Nu'man Bin Al Bin Siksik Ben and Ethel bin donkeys and met by the people and expel Amer Ben Baran for the king and took Naman said King Yemen and the title of Noman mentioned Balmaafr for saying: If you Aevert things the ability was HE senior contractor and the contractor: the word collection, who are colored adult actors from Yemen. Then the king after his son Ben Noman Ohmah Almaafr

 Then the king after him Shaddad Ben returned Ben Olamatat bin Saba and met King, invaded the country that was then the king after his brother Luqman bin returned, and the king after his brother with a paid Ben back and then the king after his son Harith bin a shot and said to him Harith Alraúh said to Harith Alraúh mentioned is the son of Qais bin Saifi Ibn Saba was followed by a smaller one.
Then the king after his son Ben a difficult centuries Alraúh Ibn al-Said that Ibn Abbas was asked about a century mentioned by God in his book, Aziz said, is one of the donkeys, a difficult question so Zulkarnain mentioned in the book is difficult Aziz bin Alraúh not mentioned Alexander the turkey .
Then the king after his son with a bin Abraha Al-Manar centuries.
Then the king after his son Ben Avrivs Abraha and then the king after his brother with a Alozar Amr ibn al-Manar

.Then the king after him Sharhabeel ibn 'Amr ibn Ghalib ibn Almantap bin Zaid bin Al Siksik Ben Ben Ben and Ethel hated donkeys, the donkeys a Alozar took off his obedience and reduce Sharhabeel the said King was among Sharhabeel Thi Alozar heavy fighting that killed many and took to create Sharhabeel king.
Then the king after his son Alhdhad bin Sharhabeel then possessed after his daughter Bilqis girl Alhdhad and remained in the King of Yemen twenty years old and married Solomon son of David on them peace and the king after her uncle publisher graces bin Sharhabeel It was said that the publisher of the blessings named Malik bin Amr bin Al ibn 'Amr who was born Almantap then King after Ben Shammar Arash publisher graces mentioned and said to Ben Shammar Avrivs'm a Abraha Al-Manar

Then the king after his son Malik bin Abu Shammar and then after the king Imraan ibn Amer Azdi a Imraan ibn 'Aamir ibn Haritha bin Qais bin man who alopecia bin Abbas bin Alozd relief Bin Bin Bin Bin Malik grew Adad ibn Zayd ibn Kahlan bin Saba. The King then moved from the Born donkeys bin Saba was born to his brother, Kahlan bin Saba was Imran said a priest.
Then the king after his brother Amr ibn 'Aamir Mazikie Azdi Mazikiee and was told because he was wearing a suit every day if he wanted to enter his council threw out Vmzkt so as not to find one which is worn beyond. And from the date that Hamza Isfahani, who reigned after my father the owner of Ben Shammar mentioned by his son Imran Azdi Aloqrn ibn Abi Malik then the king after a Habshan bin Aloqrn a sign that Bttsm and Agdis

Then his son King Hassan bin followed his father's killers and track for the last of whom he killed them and then killed his brother Amr ibn followed after him and the king of the disturbing and frequent Amr said he does not even go to the toilet only carried on the coffin was called The sticks to it. King Abdullah and then after the fatigue of a bin and then sticks the king after him followed bin Hassan bin Klkerb which was followed by smaller ones.
Then the king after his nephew al-Harith ibn 'Amr and converted Jew-Harith said, and the king after him Marthad bin fatigue and then dispersed after the king of donkeys, who became famous after that the king and bunionette bin apostate then King Abraha Al-Sabah, and the king Sban bin Mahrth then king of Amr ibn al-followed and then the king after a Hnatr then the king after him with a pendulum and it was not delivered in a groove Athod flaming fire and was told the owner of the groove.
Then the king after him Dhujdn the last kings of Himyar was a king on what was said two thousand and twenty years, but did not mention for what his each and every one of them for lack of health, therefore, said the dates of nations: not at all dates Osagm from the date of the kings of Himyar did not say which of the large number of Sném with the small number of kings.
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