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The tombs of the Valley of the Kings

Valley of the Kings is a valley on the west bank of the River Nile near Thebes in Egypt for 450 years during the era of the modern history of the ancient Egyptians that spread of 1539 to 1075 BC as a tomb for the pharaohs of this period as there is in this valley rock, which has an area of approximately 20,000 square meters 27 royal tombs belonging to three families, the family and the Egyptian eighteenth Dynasty nineteenth and twentieth Egyptian family was discovered to this day

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The Valley of the Kings a place for the burial of the kings of Egypt throughout the period of the modern state and has for 62 Cemetery, 26 Cemetery of the Kings and the rest of senior officials and some members of royal families and priests have been called by the Egyptians on the valley the name of the cemetery the great high place which is used for millions of years of the reign of the Pharaohs.

 This was chosen Valley specifically for several reasons, ease of access from the Nile Valley and facilitate the guard surrounded by high hills in addition to the quality of the limestone that makes up the mountains as well as the presence of the mountain, which rises to the south in the form of the century and who represents pyramid natural a form in which it is linked to at Egyptian God of the Sun "god Ra."

The change planning the cemetery and the way in which a pattern of over five hundred a year, which was buried where in the Valley of the Kings could be argued that the reason for that is the change in the perception of the priests of the trip, King of the world's other Vtaktit the cemetery is only a road map for the course for the king during this flight and the inscription and texts on the walls of the cemetery that is the only book to guide him during. Most of the tombs of the Eighteenth Dynasty was
Steep with Muscat-shaped horizontal

The graves of the family in the nineteenth was the center of the cemetery and say a straight decline, while the royal tombs in the family twenty smaller and are almost completely flat

The graves are numbered every Valmkabr of 1 to 22 are numbered in the nineteenth century AD on the basis of geographic location from north to south the graves
From 22 to 62
They are numbered in the order discovered after that.

The miners carved the tombs with stone tools and lived behind the mountains in the area of ​​Deir el-Medina was also the artists who are writing texts and making inscriptions in the tombs and the workers were working in groups and use oil lamps for lighting has taught us about these workers and the techniques that were used by Alhqavat and thousands of pieces engraved found in the Deir el-Medina and could clearly see the different stages of tombs carved in the tomb of Horemheb No. 57 in the Valley of the Kings

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