Friday, 21 October 2011

Sphinx of Giza legend

Is a feature of ancient Egyptian civilization, and specifically the Old
The different views represented in this statue
Opinion that he represents the old pharaoh Khafre combines the power and wisdom of human-Assad
In fact, the statue was carved during the reign of Khafre, but he represents the sun god
  The proof of this temple, which faces the statue where it was held a religious ritual - Poplar or Acht
This has been a firm belief in the minds of Egyptians throughout their history, where they saw a statue of Lah - Poplar or sister - Kano and worship him and live his paintings

 The most famous of these paintings that of King Thutmose IV of the Eighteenth Dynasty, known as QWERTY dream
As for the name of the Sphinx and the derivation of linguistic him because it seems that the origin of the modern state, where people descended from the Canaanites to the Giza area and saw the statue, which represents the god Hor and tied between him and God have a
Horona - which, in turn, to the letter - Horn - and then the name to this letter -
Hall - where the base substitution between the distraction and ha in Arabic
As for the word it seems Abu perversion of the ancient Egyptian word Bo, which means a place in this case, yes the name, place of God, Poplar, while the ancient Greeks to reproduce their own version of femininity that object
There were also ideas of creatures Michahph in several other cultures, including South East Asia, and occupied the Sphinx place in the European decorative art from the Renaissance

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