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Social life in the era of Egyptian civilization

The social life is the backbone of Egyptian civilization in all its facets and its subsidiaries,
It is the first step to ancient Egyptian and then build on the basis of the basic structure of this civilization. The family is the foundation, so we found that the composition of the family when the ancient Egyptians had recommended is crucial to the man by his son honors his memory and is appointed in the life to working with his father's side by side, whether in farming, fishing, or created

The work of the Egyptian society to raise the status of the family and his family have enjoyed great prestige, as well as the mother would raise the same respect and treatment of the father. Also managed the Egyptian society to maintain family relationships between members of the family both the father and mother, and between the children and the children of their children on the other hand recommended that the community should love a husband to his wife and children and to comfort, we find this clear in the manifestations of love, intimacy and mutual respect between family members and on their works, whether graves or furniture or paintings or statues

The women played in ancient Egypt a large role in the Egyptian society and raising her children Thzbhm, education and provision of comfort, both at home and household chores or helping her husband or work outside the home. So they are half of society, won the respect and rights not obtained by any woman in any other society.

And the Egyptian society, as is the case in all societies divided into different families and the family relationships in families, villages or cities is also based on love and cooperation links between them no matter how distanced between the two distances there is a relationship between family members and between families in the village and other villages and other countries is the fabric of integrated coherent helped to form one people, characterized by interdependence social

However there are many different social classes, there are the ruling class, the king and his family and his aides and senior state officials and staff of the middle class and young military officers, soldiers and craftsmen, and peasants, workers and servants. However there was a link brings each layer with the other without a gap or social disorder lead to social revolutions between the layers where each layer chosen for their status, there was always the melt gradually in each layer and merge in the other in the other classes, they are layers of homogeneous and not heterogeneous . Except in some minor periods does not exceed tens of years of Egyptian civilization, the age-old three thousand years

Was the top layer is responsible for the class that followed in the protection and clothe and feed them, then your affiliation over this layer of the top layer and even boasts of belonging to no party looks down on them. This is the secret of the secrets of Egyptian civilization, is social cohesion, so we find that the succession of generations and the coming in uninterrupted stretches back thousands of years Hanin content with this natural division


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