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Secret materials in the era of the Pharaohs

Accustomed to the ancient Egyptian during the Pharaonic times, to provide the cemetery with all the needs in the other world, we think, for example, but not in the tomb of the King, "Tutankhamun" in 1350 BC. M Eighteenth Dynasty of the modern state with the ceremony of the funeral of the king after the embalmed and deposited Mmaaah its own cemetery in the area of ​​Valley of the Kings mainland west of the city "and Estee" Luxor, his tomb was provided with its own furniture and used it during his life

  We find the family of Royal's Royal Palace and private flights, including special ceremonial funeral for the development of coffins of ownership to it, and there are chairs and chairs the throne, and the number six, clothing, jewelry and tools for fishing, hunting and writing instruments and tools of war from the darts and arrows, daggers, armor and military vehicles and walk to keep these things is the need of their King to be used in the other world, as he slept on a bed during his life, he is a king must sleep on a bed in the other world does not make sense to sleep on the ground, for example.

As found on the throne of the doctrine which is the last number six, meaning that the king no king and every king must Barhh of retaining him in his royal tomb, why? Because throughout his life he was a king on the throne of Egypt, and his departure to the other world did not end described as a king and this is clear from the titles of which are recorded after his death, such as: king of Egypt, North and South I'm the sun god doctor god Alawzar (deceased) is still king, so it had to be to save his throne inside the tomb because the king of Egypt without the throne is not the property

And it was the property ownership, which were kept inside the tomb or pyramid made ​​up of these materials wood and weaving flax and Almmyawat, whether human or animal food, whether animals - birds - beans - dried fruit which are all organic material and survival for thousands of years is a miracle impressed the visitors.

What is the secret to keep these various organic materials, whether different types of wood or linen cloth or animal skins or dried fruits of different kinds of dates, grapes, figs - Dom ... etc. or bread or meat, either dried for sheep or goats, ducks geese, chicken or meat deer in addition to Almmyawat both human or animal as well as bird feathers, especially ostrich feathers

We find that it is now known to archaeologists as a means to save these materials by two means: the embalming and drying

Mummification of the bodies of human post-mortem or to the animal after death or killing animals that mummification after death and limited only to what Abdul them and took the gods, such as: Holy Cow "Hathor" after her death inside the temple as well as the crocodile sacred "Sobek" The Jackal "Holy Anubis "lion and a female holy" Sekhmet ", etc..

  This does not apply to the rest of the same type, except these holy cow, cows are the rest of the normal animals used in agriculture, to be slaughtered and eaten, except the sacred crocodile, is the rest of the Nile crocodile in normal animals kill if necessary, and so on. Worship of a single individual of this species and not for each type as it was in India for Hindus, for example

This also applies to birds such as Ibis sacred and known as "Bgehoty" and hawk sacred "Horus", etc., except this one is not all Ibis or all of the hawk is sacred, but only one kept inside the temple and the rest are regarded as birds common.

  Valthanit both for the person after the death of some animals and birds are the only way to try to maintain. The fruits, cereals, bread and meat of animals or birds to eat was dried in the sun for several days or weeks until the confused and then placed in boxes inside the tombs of their own.

The adopted the ancient Egyptian mummification and the ways the first and second drying his leg that is what archaeologists in their research. But do the embalming and drying processes are sufficient to save these organic materials for all these thousands of years? In fact, it is not enough embalming or drying to save these materials for thousands of years, there is another reason why the most important.

 We find that the conservation of these materials of various materials when placed in the cemetery after the burial, will be closed cemetery firmly in the ground exposed to the presence of germs, bacteria and microbes are present in the air that fills the cemetery from the inside, which accompanied the entry and exit from the introduction of these things inside the cemetery, and through their breathing inside the cemetery and not to sterilize the cemetery, as is the case now in quarantine or operating rooms ... etc..

With the closure of the cemetery and with the presence of these germs, bacteria and microbes are all organic materials within the cemetery subject to interact with them and therefore is damage to these materials.

It is also known that the air trapped inside the cemetery contains 21% oxygen and this is also another factor that helps on the activity of microbes, bacteria and microbes.

  However, we find that the organic material for thousands of years in good condition, what password

 Secret in that, with the moment of closure of the cemetery begins germs and bacteria and microbes in the normal activity known which cause damage, but with the non-renewal of the air inside the cemetery consumes oxygen during the day and helped fund in the form of Osiris was placed inside the cemetery and inside the mud of the fields and scatter it grain by irrigated with water .

  And placed this fund in the tomb the dark by a long night and we know that the plant to grow absorbs oxygen during the night, began to plant to grow rapidly during the days and soon to die and burn and find archaeologists graves and cause depletion of the oxygen saved inside the cemetery, in order to keep only the second oxide carbon and the rest of the other known components of the air.

Failure to renew the air inside the cemetery and the lack of oxygen for thousands of years working on the death of the germs and bacteria, which depend on oxygen, and the species of anaerobic, which does not depend on oxygen is dependent activity over time, either six or five years or ten years for the non-renewal of the air cemetery for thousands of years.

  We find that with the lack of knowledge of ancient Egyptian any information about microbes or bacteria or germs did not know where the modern microscope, but the burial customs and religious rituals that accompanied had contributed greatly in the conservation of organic materials.


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