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Pharaohs and the discovery of the forces of nature

The natural conditions of Egypt for thousands of years of the most important factors that helped the emergence of the ancient Egyptian civilization on the banks of the Nile, which is the mother and the right of human civilizations, which Artur them the rest of the civilizations that followed, both of which the ancient or modern.

We find that the geographical nature of the land of Egypt, which is in the high ground in the south, adorned with the River Nile, which originates from Central and East Africa, and the flat land in the north where the Nile is divided into seven branches were left with only Rosetta and Damietta branches now. This geography has helped to save this civilization created by the ancient Egyptian was the presence of the Eastern Desert and the Sinai Peninsula and the Western Sahara and the Red Sea and the Mediterranean are natural barriers impervious to protect Egypt and the Egyptians and Egyptian culture since the Stone Ages, and even Okhr the Middle Kingdom around 1675 BC. M at a first faced a real risk of Egypt and the Hyksos.

But this did not affect the Egyptian civilization, much as the Egyptian civilization has reached the big stage was not affected by this risk Asian Alhecsusy but also benefited the flow of the Nile River annually and regularly, which is dangerous destructive in some years and scarce in others, the situation natural flow of water is the continuation of the secret of life down to this valley, which helped the stability of the Egyptian man on the banks of the river and had a significant impact on the stability of observation and innovation.

Also find that the location of Egypt in terms of the climate mild climate is cloudy and clear sky throughout the year, rain or a few medium.
All of these natural factors have helped this man to contemplate and think and examine and probe, and then produce and innovate and create a civilization was inexhaustible spring for the rest of the world's civilizations and above all his knowledge. This overwhelming evidence and physical evidence which proves that the ancient Egyptians first discovered the laws of natural science for thousands of years, not modern scientists.

Preferred because of modern science discovered the laws of Archimedes buoyancy to the world (287 212 BC). After his story with the Queen, who wanted to know the truth about weight-making it the golden crown of pure gold, or that the manufacturer added a another article, the entry lists the story of Archimedes bath vessel, and found that water shifts, depending on size and weight and then discovered the law of buoyancy on the basis of this law has been registered in his name to all the scientific documents to this day.

 But did not reach the ancient Egyptian to the laws of buoyancy by Archimedes thousands of years? Yes, that's what happened, but how?.
Was the stability of the ancient Egyptian on the banks of the Nile for thousands of years and the accuracy of observation of what happens to this river daily and observed for flotation plants and trees on the surface of the water after the flood and floating leaves of plant and other high impact in the attempt to use the wood of trees to cross the river from side to side. Maintenance of the trees began to stalk and swim yet easily obtainable in his hand, and then evolved to try to sit on the leg of large trees and branches of small trees use to move the leg of the great bear. And then evolved to try to dig a small part sitting in the belly of the leg, in order not to wet the person sitting, and then wanted to increase the speed trimming the front and back of a leg of the tree by making a pointed bit

 And then evolved again by adding legs to the stem wood basic linking ropes to take the form of rafts to transport some of the luggage, and with the passage of time was able to make small boats and little by little took this and thousands of Sunnis before historical times hundreds of years. The proof of this fee on boats with oars pottery dating back to prehistoric civilization in Maadi and Dertasa and Badari and other, which is now displayed in the Egyptian Museum, as well as murals, colored or engraved on the effects of the handles of knives or warheads pin fighting.

Prove by evidence and proof of physical knowledge of the Egyptian man of buoyancy and all belonging to more than 7 thousand years BC, during the historical times we find that in the old state sends kings the Egyptians in the application timber of rice from the coast of Veniqia (Sham now) for the work boats and luxury furniture and months and the oldest and largest compound found now next to the Great Pyramid of King Khufu (2589 - 2566 BC). Giza, which has a length of about 48 meters and display 6 meters high and 7 meters consisting of 1252 a piece of wood.

 And kings, such as: Sahora (2487 ​​- 2475 BC). Sent to Veniqia military campaigns during the wars on land and sea a large fleet could carry 20,000 twenty thousand soldiers with their weapons and promised military.

Throughout the Pharaonic era and during the Old Kingdom, Central America and the modern to the late Pharaonic era represented the boats different on the walls of tombs and temples, and currently contains museums, the global models of small boats Pharaonic evidence of knowledge of the ancient Egyptian use of boats of all types of boats small individual for a walk and some are used for trade and goods of all kinds campaigns do not forget Queen Hatshepsut (1490 - 1469 BC). commercial Puntland (Somalia now) and recorded on the walls of the temple Bahari in Luxor.

 The students of this boat on the scenic temple set Bahari find the magnitude of these boats in terms of size, as well as sailing in the Red Sea and then to the Indian Ocean to reach the Pont and return laden with all kinds of trees and goods. Along river boats depicted on the walls of the Temple of Bahari loaded Bmslten of pink granite quarries of Aswan to Luxor, 200 kilometers per weight of the obelisk 100 tons, ie that the campaign of this compound the huge 200-ton sailing and helps many small boats Chdha forward.

Here we find that loading the boats in this vast amount of tons of stone gives us an idea of ​​ancient Egyptian knowledge of the law of buoyancy. We see the temples of Karnak, the largest pink granite obelisk of King Thutmose III and weighing 400 tons, to what extent the size of the boat that was used to transfer from Aswan to Luxor to set up temples of Karnak.

 With the study of weights, we find that the forms of boats and ratios of each part in the complex and its various forms, is given conclusive evidence of ancient Egyptian knowledge of the laws of buoyancy and fit the different weights and payloads to the shape and size of boats.

If not found now on the documents from paper papyrus recorded the information on these laws or technical scientific prove that the Egyptian without these laws Osgelha or saved and wrote that the speed of damage to these securities, taking into account the fact that this science and knowledge of the laws of buoyancy and industry boats legacy to this day and is found in Alexandria and Port Said and Damietta in the workshop building boats and private civil and reliable manufacturers on their experience without the use of in many cases, these laws or science such as those applied in the arsenals of the great global, such as Alexandria and throughout the world to build large ships.

 The bottom line: The ancient Egyptians had what proved to doubt his knowledge of the laws of buoyancy for thousands of years before Archimedes physical evidence at hand witness to the genius of ancient Egyptian and was preceded by the knowledge of these laws.

Also known as modern science the laws of gravity, and that the earth by gravitational force to pull everything out of the water and all components of the surface of the earth and all that goes in the air or even land in the space surrounding the Earth, such as: aircraft, spacecraft and satellites.

They attributed the law of gravity to the world after the fall of Isaac Newton's apple in front of the apple tree was sleeping underneath, where the thought of the cause of the fall of the apple in the direction of the earth to the sky and not re-experiment with different materials delivered to the highest note and fall back to earth.

Is it known to the ancient Egyptian law of gravity by Isaac Newton? Yes, of course, before Isaac Newton was known thousands of years that the ancient Egyptian magical power of the Earth pulls everything to it and deal with the ancient Egyptian force and the development of special laws for use in his life in the field of architecture, but how?.

We find the ancient Egyptian after the discovery of this force, began to be used on a large scale and the first scientific evidence that prove that the ancient Egyptian use of gravity and to know the following:
The method of closure of the pyramids has been on the design of the ancient Egyptian pyramid entrance to the northern side of the body of the pyramid, because he believed that the spirit of the King will go to the geographical north star to enter the pyramid again and integration in Mmia King to restore the Baath

Behind this we find the entrance ramps to the bottom at an angle of inclination specific lead into pyramids rise about one meter and the meter displays different lengths depending on the size of the pyramid. This tendency to the bottom of the corridor helps to slide blocks of granite cubic same size as the corridor m 3 is placed at the entrance of the pyramid, and then slide down the corridor to the entrance of the corridor horizontal leading to the burial chamber, or stores these blocks granite cube is sent successively one behind the other until you fill the corridor in this blocks to fill the entrance to the pyramid in front of the thieves.

Sending these blocks of stone granite through these corridors down stems from the knowledge of the ancient Egyptian to the presence of attractive floor or the power of private land to attract these blocks to the bottom by gravity without the need to push it down, it loves a self-force of attraction to the bottom of the bridge corridors, and this proves the evidence of material knowledge of the ancient Egyptian to the laws of gravity ground

 And study the opportunities and arrange stones for building the pyramids, we find that the pyramid has a square base with four sides of the stacked stones from the bottom up in successive layers one above the other taken in the pyramid, but noteworthy, we find that the blocks first at the base is large and whenever Artfna lack of size and weight of the blocks of stone , when the rule the great Pyramid of King Khufu, we find that the dimensions of the stones, 160 cm 3 and at the waist 120 cm 2 and the highest 60 m 2 with a gradient between the sizes, weights, and why make the base of the pyramid is heavier than the middle and top Victlh pyramid is concentrated at the base to work on stability and balance, the pyramid and not stones of equal size or weight, and this evidence also proves that the ancient Egyptians knew the laws of gravity makes the lower part of the construction is heavier to keep the overall structure of these buildings.

We also find that the opportunities and arrange these stones are not flat any stone level, and then placed the stone next higher level, too, but all the blocks of the pyramid has to be to take the miles down into the pyramid is directed to the center of mass in the pyramid in the center completely from all sides and aspects of the pyramid to the inside of the bottom of the order of these blocks and this magnificent system from the bottom up and from the outside to the inside of the bottom makes the weight of all the pyramid stones are based and with a view to the center of the pyramid and the secret of survival, Al-Ahram to the present day with the presence of large earthquakes and many.

 When an earthquake occurs, it is natural to move the blocks and fall of any building in the world, except the pyramids as the tendency of these stones to the inside of the bottom in all aspects of preventing the impossibility of high stones from the angle of tilt and up, then to the left where the fall of the body of the pyramid, the matter requires a heart of stone from inclination angle of the pyramid from the inside out more than 120 degrees, and this tendency is scientifically impossible. This means also that the ancient Egyptians knew that there are attractive ground attract all sizes of blocks to the bottom of the pyramid and the pyramid Faihafez the heart of his position on these buildings against destruction, and that's why the survival of the pyramids thousands of years and the other courtyard buildings of other civilizations

So were the obelisks of Egyptian Albasagh shaped Kulmy and Fitness fixed bases tall without falling on the ground, although many of the earthquakes which hit on Egypt for five thousand years and the secret lies also in the form of the obelisk with a square base, which is based on the surface level and takes the form of the obelisk the inclination angle measured to the inside to the top of the obelisk pointed, which makes the center of gravity of the body of the obelisk at the base.

With earthquakes tend obelisk reverse earthquakes, all of the earthquakes to the north right Vatjah obelisk from the north to the right and vice versa Vimits shape and weight of the obelisk strength of these earthquakes, it is oscillating without Tbesrha eye, but the shape and weight keeps it from falling. This also stems from the knowledge of the ancient Egyptians to the laws of gravity and the laws needed to maintain the balance of this block without falling down, although some of them weighing up to 400 tons of granite.

Was the result of stability for the people of ancient Egyptian Nile Valley for a long time exceeded the thousands of years in the bosom of the Nile Valley in peace, without being subjected to threats, giving him the opportunity of meditation and observation and the scientific thinking of all the various materials that contained in the environment around him. A scientific method for scientific experiments, called the pace of scientific research known as: (note - meditation - experience - the result) and see how the ancient Egyptians applied these steps to learn the properties of materials in his life:

Was to observe the ancient Egyptian shadow things during the day and driven by reverse movement of the sun effect in subjecting the testis of research and study and the conclusion results, and then try to take advantage of them in his life and found that the light rays moving in a straight line has been exploited in the development of the main axis of the temples in a straight line even deeper points in the temple, a holy of holies, and even serves the idea that God is any that he can be seen from Jerusalem Okdash inside the temple people or servants outside the temple and at the same time can not from the outside of the temple to see a statue of this god may extend this axis rectum hundreds of meters as in the temples of Karnak , Luxor, Edfu, Kom Ombo and other temples.

 As well as in the temples of Ramses at Abu Simbel, we find that the focus of the great temple of the entrance to the Holy of Holies, where statues of Ramses II devout sister and Amun and Ptah, we find that the sun lying directly twice a year on the face of Ramses II from the entrance to the statue of 30 meters on to serve the thought and doctrine in ancient Egyptian that Ramses the second son of the sun god Facherq face any statue twice a year at the celebration of birth of the king and on his coronation as King of Egypt also knew the solstice of the sun between the orbits of Capricorn and Cancer pass a year where the sun twice a year at one point.

 We find that the priests deride science and properties of light in the proof of the idea of ​​a moral summed up in the love of the sun god to his son, Ramses II and his specialty choice without human beings Balahrac it and this happens at a grand ceremony in front of the ancient Egyptians is fixed and certain doctrine of selection of the sun god (Ra), the daughter of King (Ramses) II without human beings.
And all this proves the discovery of the ancient Egyptian for a property that (light travels in straight lines).

Able to the ancient Egyptian scientific method of meditation and observation, thinking and then conclude that the wood has a characteristic expansion that make him fill with water the size of the wood over time.

 He goes to the ancient Egyptian quarries to cut different types of stones (granite - Djurajt - bester - Basalt - Jerry ... etc.) depending on the property extended water wood. Was working on a hole holes in a row in the mountain-sized block of stone to be cut and not 22 o'clock × 2 م determines the size of the block, and then begin to recognize the small holes in a row depth of 10 cm and puts out cutting wood dry and then poured water on it several times at intervals close, Vimits wood water exceeded the size

  The pressure these sizes of wood cascading created weaknesses in the mass of stone and creates a break in the mass of stone and separated from the mountain, as well as in the settlement of the surface of the pyramid's base to resolve the work of drilling spaced every 2 m from the other covering the surface of the whole earth, for example, the pyramid of Cheops 230 × 230 m and every hole depth of 20 cm placed the timber trees of a trunk of the tree, and watered with water at intervals Vtaatmdd these pieces and grow in size, which is pressure in every direction on the surface of the Earth is working to break up this surface and facilitates the completion of the work discipline of the surface of the machine manual.

Well as the use of ancient Egyptian property extends wood with water in the construction of boats and make a way to link the parts of wood to each other through small holes in a row through which cords of linen, which shrinks with water worked to link the parts of the wood expands and ropes shrink helps this to save the timber interconnected without disintegration and thus patrol boats, ships, rivers and seas for years without damage.

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