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Mmermptah Pharaoh, Moses out

Took the character Pharaoh of Egypt who lived (Moses) - peace be upon him - a lot of ambiguity, and became this character is much room for debate to find out his identity, because you do not specify his name, both in the texts of the Koran, which contained the story (Moses) - peace be upon him - in a number of times he did not say only the "Pharaoh" was a title qualified by the kings of Egypt. And also did not mention the name of the pharaoh in the Torah or any of the other sources did not mention in the Torah, only city name "Rameses the righteousness of the" capital of the Pharaoh, a city built by the King, "Ramses II" in the eastern Delta in northern Egypt,

  And this is something that inspired many, especially Jews that the Pharaoh (Moses) - peace be upon him - is "Ramses II", the third Dynasty nineteenth - the modern state about 1261-1223 BC. M. This was affirmed by everyone that he is the one who left in the hands of the Israelis with (Moses) - peace be upon him - from Egypt and drowned in the sea. But it is - really - Pharaoh of Egypt, which came out in the hands of the Israelis? Is it that my Lord (Moses) - peace be upon him - in his palace, as stated in the Holy Quran is the Pharaoh or another? In this research we can determine who is Pharaoh (Moses), peace be upon him depending on what was imposed by the Qur'an and logic and reasonable, as well as what was mentioned in other sources.

 First, the pharaoh who raised Moses in his palace

According to the story (Moses) - peace be upon him - in the Holy Quran, which did not remove or change it, which God revealed to Muhammad - peace be upon him - since fourteen centuries ago, according to the sequence of events in the story and compare it to the provisions of the biography the kings of Egypt in that period we find the following:

That (Moses) - peace be upon him - was a son of one of the Israelis living in Egypt, called the (Imran) and was the nation Imran first entered Egypt the late Middle Kingdom With the entry of the Hyksos Egypt around 1675 BC. M where they were subjected to political and economic pressures forced them to enter Egypt with many of the Asian tribes which saw the defeat of the Egyptian armies against Asians and the presence of internal unrest in the country, which enabled many of them enter Egypt and stability, especially in the area east of the Delta

 And was Ashraf (Yousef Ben-Jacob), peace be upon them coffers of Egypt during the reign of one of North Alasaaoyen referred to in the Holy Quran loved Egypt, who sent for his family to come to Egypt and later the Israelis. Has stayed the tribes in Egypt after its liberation from the foreign rulers and their expulsion from Egypt in the east of the Delta from about 1575 BC. Till Khrjohm from Egypt mid-Family nineteenth about 1204 BC. M almost any of 461 years and because of the lack of land or property has been forced workers to join the Egyptian state special projects as a measure to be able to life in Egypt

  It was the opening up of Egypt to the world, east and west and to the many wars during that period with the trade exchange between Egypt and its neighbors, the country was filled with many races and thousands of Alasaaoyen, Libyans, Nubians, and this was a normal thing in Egypt and the Egyptian society. And things went normal until King Ramses II the throne of Egypt around 1291 BC. M, and during his reign, which lasted about 67 years where he was ordered to follow some of the priests of the Egyptians that these Israelis will come out to eliminate his throne and his kingdom;

 Recommended the elimination of every male child born to them, and then suggested to him some of killing males years and stop killing years and was the year he was born (Aaron) - peace be upon him - is the year that is not the murder, was the following year he was born (Moses) - peace be upon him - is the year of murder for the children of Israel Fajavc prepared by his mother and his boxes of wood and threw it threw him into the river where the water stream near the Royal Palace of King Ramses.

The Pharaoh of Egypt in this period was King Ramses II was the story that occurred about 30 years of his king of Egypt when he was in the age of fifty, where he died at about ninety years of age.

The king was Ramses II According to the documents of Egyptian him of the boys 162 and a boy and a girl and wives 103 wives, and while taking the stream of the river's water fund, which placed the mother of Moses son to the beach near the royal palace city of "the righteousness of Rameses," which its establishment King summer resort for him, far from good warm in the upper in Upper Egypt, there has been one of the wives of King Fund Oppe child who revealed God's love in her heart Vahpth, and related to him but to keep him in the palace had to be permission of the King

The king and asked for an interview Astiznth to keep the child, but he asked her if one of the Israelis, refuted, where I was afraid to kill him and when asked for his name, replied in the negative, then asked her where Osrty it? They replied in the water of the Nile, Vosmah (Musa), which in the ancient Egyptian language (the son of water), but doubt to have one of the Israelis and wanted to test him asked to bring coals, jewelry, displayed in front of the child revealed to God to the child to catch Paljmr and put it in his mouth. King Ramses then authorized them to retain it is even humanizes her maternity disadvantaged.

And raised Moses and grown at the Royal Palace of King Ramses had his education in Egypt, particularly at the Royal Palace, must be subject to the traditions of education for children of deficient property developed under the program of literacy and numeracy after Aftmh from his mother who was hiding them in the palace to know him, and when it caught began to apply by the wire and the soldier entered the Egyptian army with the princes to receive military education and out of the Tdrabiyat in the Egyptian desert with the sons of King, which won him science and the bully and the nobility of manhood as one of the members of the Royal Palace.

 And when he grew up and became at around the age of thirty, he was King Ramses at about eighty years of age. There was one day that battled one of Israelis with the Egyptians on the streets of a city, "the righteousness of Rameses" in the passage of Moses - peace be upon him - this was the Israeli knows personally turned to Moses Moses Moses joined him to support him on the Egyptian Vczh his hand and he died,

  Here is the back of the mystery of Moses from that of the Israelis, Vensahh one of them escape from Egypt as soon as the case was exposed and fled Moses to the east of Egypt, disguised and across the Sinai to the land of Palestine which was under Egyptian control, and there are known in the city "owes" the man Wife, one of his daughters and the details of this The story listed the Quran in many of the photos, and lived there nearly twelve years and the fact that the family has.

When Moses heard the death of Ramses II, king of Egypt about 1223 BC. M and ascend his son (Merenptah) rule, succeeding his father, the thirteenth son of King Ramses of the (105) and boys who grew up with Moses, the Royal Palace and lived with his childhood and youth. I think Moses - peace be upon him - that is to return to Egypt became easy after the death of King Ramses, which occurred in the custody of the murder of the Egyptian and after nearly twelve years may be people in Egypt have forgotten the crime, and with the burning and yearning to see his family in Egypt, and thought that the new king (Merneptah) Cisamha his mistake and forgive him, to see his family in Egypt once more likely.

This means that Ramses II when he died was Moses - peace be upon him - in Palestine, died at the age of ninety years old and was in the last two years old patients lying in bed, will not be able to do ritual (Holiday Love - dam) at Abu Simbel when the temple was not aware of nothing in this world to his illness and his inability to be dead.

Second, Moses, Pharaoh, who drowned in the sea:

While prepared Moses - peace be upon him - himself and his family to return to Egypt, while crossing the Sinai received from God his message and the Book of the Torah and God sent a prophet to the Israelites and the Messenger of God to the king of Egypt (Merenptah) and the Egyptians to tell them that God is the One is the Lord of the Worlds, and denied the gods the many who worship them without God.

And when he entered Egypt went to the Royal Palace, as God had commanded him using his brother, the great Haroun - peace be upon him - to reach the king of Egypt Merenptah what Allaah has Moses peace be upon him to inform him of his message from his Lord the King of Egypt, who mocks and makes fun of as told by Moses - peace be upon him -, The Hall of the Throne and next to the King priest of the idol of Egypt (Amon), which was mentioned in the Koran b (important) in several places, is the title of Egypt (Ham security) in the sense the priest of Amon he was a nickname given to the priest most of this deity, who had temples of Karnak

 The kings of Egypt Igdqon bids and it was considered a state within a state with its independence and has - well - its soldiers to protect the temple and this explains what came in the Qur'an (and soldiers) any royal army of the Pharaoh and Egypt, and soldiers of the temple. The king asked sarcastically Moses - peace be upon him - said to be built are important, perhaps to inform God of Moses to get used to the ancient Egyptians to build high-rise buildings and temples Ohermat of great use to look to the sky, where the Egyptians excelled in astronomy.

Refused to Pharaoh and his people - but his wife - and the message accused the Holy Prophet - peace be upon him - magic. When asked to King Merenptah to show him proof of his sincerity out of Moses peace be upon him hand and was white as snow and threw the stick if they are alive, seek, as stated in the Koran, but King Merneptah did not believe what came by Moses - peace be upon him - and asked to collect the most skilled magicians to face Moses, peace be upon him, and who could beat them, prompting them to faith in him and brought him from the Lord of the Worlds and King Merenptah is to kill them all, prompting Moses to pray to the Pharaoh of Egypt and his people.

 And prepared Moses - peace be upon him - and the children of Israel after their news letter is for them to believe in him out of Egypt secretly to escape the tyranny of King Merenptah, who knew about the exit of Moses and his people east to Palestine, drew up his army and tried to catch up with them to eliminate them, and it was the custom of kings pharaohs before they go to fighting to order a personal text written on stone recorded the victories impressive on enemies to put it in the temples, and then come out to fight and when he returned to be painting the stone has been prepared but had to limit the exit of the pharaoh of Egypt's borders and a quick return, which does not allow the writer the time required for completion

, Which forced him to use the panel from the reign of King Amon-hotep III about (1221-1378 BC). And use the back of this painting to score in the hastily written text, who is handwriting which is well done, who wrote in a hurry, due to lack of time, and I came in it: "and I have spent on the children of Israel and no longer have the seed, "a painting known as the Panel of Israel in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, which proves to what came where the king Merneptah was the Pharaoh out where he was the only without the kings pharaohs of Egypt, which record the name of the Israelis did not respond mentioned do not days of his father Ramses II and beyond.

It was the death of the king in the sea after Mlahakath to Moses - peace be upon him - and his people drowning and bail him out of the sea drowned perhaps two days after the sinking and was taken to the Royal Palace for the embalmed custom of the ancient Egyptians and the evaporation of sea water from the body crystallized salts on the pores of the skin, preventing skin with absorption Muadalthanit which hit mummy of King in white without all the ancient Egyptian mummies of kings or mummies of individuals,

 Where to find the mummies either black or dark structures Ogamq because embalming materials which proves without doubt that Pharaoh Masralzy left in the custody of Moses - peace be upon him -. It has survived God hull of the King, as stated in the Qur'an (and today Nnczyk Bbdnk to be those who come after you) and survive here, the body, any body without the spirit to bail him out of Seargrivia to see all the people who were priests Johmonh as a god king son of the gods that if he dies does not die as a human being, but he climbs to the sky to catch the parade in the sky and the gods, known as well (the son of the sun), Vhahwalan dead body, like any ordinary person and not a god and thus be any lesson and after him the kings of Egypt.

 Hence, we can be certain that Moses - peace be upon him - has a contemporary two of the pharaohs of Egypt first is King Ramses II, who picked up one of his wives and lived nearly thirty in the royal palace city (Brramcis) east of the Delta and the second is, King Merneptah I Ramses II, who grew up with Moses - peace be upon him - in the same palace, which was his senior by about ten or fifteen years and was together in the palace, where it was on his tongue to Moses - peace be upon him - "Did not confusing both us and the hand." The exit of the children of Israel and the death of King Pharaoh Merneptah out in 1214 BC. M.


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