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Boats in the era of the religious Pharaohs

Used kings Pharaohs since the Old Kingdom 2700-2200 BC, when you create Ohramanm prepare drilling in the form of vessels carved in the rock, next to the pyramids, preserved inside the timber boats loose, each containing a wood composite one, some of which are large and one small, ranging number of these drilling between three and five for one of the queens. This remained the case until the beginning of the modern state, when the boats replaced the real ones a small sample of the compound with the great kings are placed inside the chambers of the tomb funerary furniture

On detection of the first of these boats in 1954 by architect journalist Kamal Al, who called the (composite Sun), and this naming error continued in use to this day, especially in the publications, although addressed gentlemen archaeologists, gently at their books and their own opinions, whether to agree to this designation or difference of opinion, but say with certainty it a funerary boats, and not a private boat sun god sun (Ra) was also named.

 And no doubt that these boats were used during the life of the king, whether for a walk by the waters of the Nile on a page or supervise and inspect the conditions of the country in Upper Egypt or Lower. And since they are private property of the king, it is natural does not use them elsewhere after death, so it was imperative for the people of the king and save the footnote of these boats in the pits next to the tomb of the king of any pyramid. And after they are disassembled into parts and putting them in a logical arrangement so that it can re-link these parts again in the other world

And whether the goal of saving the boat next to the graves of the property as a king, should not be used for a later, or to believe in the use of the King after her death, again, we find the ancient Egyptians keen on a boat next to the Kings Ohramanm.
In the modern state, 1575-950 BC, and with the use of the Kings tombs of you in the ground, instead of Al-Ahram and the difficulty of drilling locations for this boat was replaced by models of small 50-110 cm are placed within the funerary furniture of the king in a private room next to a room burial

Important question now is:
Why are these kings actually kept these boats or more correct in the sense that the real purpose of the kings to keep this boat next to the tombs?
Valsbouapn but the first two, both from the estate of the king or should not use other kings and the need to saved next to the pyramid to re-use them again, but how it will be used again?

To reach the answer to this question should refer to the knowledge of the doctrine of the ancient Egyptians during the Old Kingdom for kings place after death.

We find in the era of the old state that the doctrine of the worship of the sun is the prevailing belief that the sun god (Ra) became the chief god, which reflects the sky from east to west every day.

And what was thought then that the king of the sun god, and I nicknamed (Sa-Ra) any son of the sun god Ra in his lifetime and then Aldnyaoah was also the belief in the rise of the king to heaven after his death, causing his father (Ra) and join the daily convoy.

 So often images of God (Ra) reflects the sky in a vehicle majestic, and with him the King and some other gods under the body of the gods "Note" goddess of the sky, whether in the form of a woman bending touch into their own hands, legs, the parties to the universe or the corners of the earth four and her body is decorated with stars, or formed in the form of a cow The procession passed under her stomach and begin the procession heading towards the rear of the first as it is swallowing the goddess of the sky god (Ra) to re-birth again in the next morning.

If it is necessary to accompany the King God (Ra) in his motorcade in the compound of his own. But the boats are generally used exclusively only in Nile or the sea in any water. How can I believe in the use of ancient Egyptian boats to cross the sky? Is this fiction or coined by the artist stems from well-established doctrine and a deep faith that heaven is but a great ocean or sea?

 In fact, research in the form of expression of the ancient Egyptian for the sky in the form of basin rectangular inverted his edges on either side of high representing the parties to the horizon and that in writing her script Alheiroglevy and pronunciation (bit) and color is blue, it means that actually the sky as I think it is only the vicinity of great water, slip by, god (Ra) per day from east to west. As well as keen on decorating the ancient Egyptian temples and tombs, Bishop of white stars on a blue background represents the color of the sky and the color blue represents the color of the sea net.

  While it makes sense now, after believing the ancient Egyptian that the sky is just at the vicinity of what he sees yet above, to draw boats upside down until the sail in it, but he was drawing boats in a moderate, which suggested to Gallup that they swim in the space (perhaps this situation is called The U.S. space agency NASA to name space capsules "spacecraft" and this label is not scientifically accurate).

 This situation is moderate for boats logical from a technical point of perspective, as it appears boat amid the sea or the river from the landward moderate surrounded by water from the top and bottom, then your when photographing boats in the sky painted on the walls or beneath or on the body of the cow or below in a moderate , is similar to the normal status of boats in the rivers and seas, not a plane as it may sound to some.

Zamna it was logical to retain container vessel next to the tombs of kings to express by this ocean as they do during their lives Aldnyaoah otherwise drowned and finished.

And has assured them their perception of the sky around it really is a great and a firm belief beyond doubt, rainfall during the winter. In winter, find the ancient Egyptian heavy rain it down from the sky and ask a lot of where they come from? He then decided, and I think for sure that heaven is just at or around a great big sea water components, and water only, but where will this water? He does not know any thing about evaporation from the oceans, rivers, and the eyes to water, no condensation of the vapors and rain, the realities of modern scientific findings physicists in subsequent periods after thousands of years.

We also find the ancient Egyptian was launched on this boat names, Vantrb first used by King to cross the sky, accompanied by the god (Ra) during the day named (Manjat), and the second when it crosses the underworld during the night after the sun has called it (Mskktaat)

As for those boats which is called Solar Boats are those vessels of god (Ra) and was her first appearance with the beginning of the Fifth Dynasty the country and old after appearing powers of the priests of the sun, and taking the throne after the end of the Fourth Dynasty by Queen (betrayed Cao Q) last queens family and increase the influence of the priests of the sun after her marriage to a priest, and then we find that since the mid-fourth of the family began to show the name of the god Ra in the names of kings, such as: (paddle-Ra - Khafre - Menkaure).

And continued during the Fifth Dynasty, where he began the establishment of the temples of the sun, especially in the area of ​​Abu Sir south of Giza. The most important elements of these temples obelisk and the compound's sun god, which concern all the priests of most Egyptian gods about the need to develop small boats of granite, wood, gold kept in the Holy of Holies temple, and the gold statue of the God of the temple, during Pharaonic times to the end.

  Of the evidence and conclude that the evidence we can now call on the boat next to the pyramids and saved in the royal tombs in ancient Egypt as funerary boats.


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