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Preferred Egypt to the world in the invention of writing

Will not forget the history preferred Egypt to the whole world, when it recorded a first step towards the progress of humanity, and earlier attempt to take advantage of the role of the human mind, as the people of Egypt, the first guided to writing, which he called the Greeks Line hieroglyph, ie the Bible has helped write on the dissemination of knowledge and the collection experience, expertise, and perpetuate the information and ideas

Time is not known exactly who invented the Egyptian writing, and was sure she knew the north by the south and with the unity between the two halves of the country and the beginning of historical times by King Narmer or Menes. Was to functioning of most Egyptian agriculture has led to progress in writing that the state supervision of the affairs of agriculture requires the organization of the administrative and control of the beginning of the Third Dynasty of the Old and the writing began to take shape in Egypt and to take final shape. And encouraged the development of writing and provided by the large number of materials suitable for writing and Alhqavat such as stones and papyrus.

Have passed since writing the ancient Egyptian developments, and numerous written first signs painted, representing the natural man and animal and plant, bird and inanimate, and the impacts of Rights also so-called hieroglyphic writing any line Bible, which use on the walls of temples, tombs and coffins and without it most of the religious texts

     It was difficult to write this line, many details of the signs can not be used in public affairs, Vokhtzlh the ancient Egyptians to another type of writing known as the Line Alheiratiqy any priestly has written on papyrus, pottery, wood, cloth, and without it most of the literary texts and led the line to the rapid spread of writing and education among the Egyptians . With the end of the Late Period appeared more concise third line of the line priestly Alheiratiqy and wrote its vernacular language and knows this line any Baldamutiky People

 With the beginning of Ages Christian supporters began to get rid of this religion raised pagan They wrote the ancient Egyptian language, the Greek letters appeared a new line or a new language called Coptic language, the language still in use even now in the Egyptian churches to this day, and then replaced with the entry of Islam, Egypt Arabic

Thoth "He was their god of wisdom and the Messenger of science who invented writing, and created the Calendar and Calendar account and was represented in the form of a small monkey. In addition to" Thoth "There was a housewife to write is" Scat "gods of the account and the house of books

And enjoyed the writing in ancient Egypt the status of a great since ancient times, and raised the status of writer, including the status of a great surrounded by respect and reverence, appreciation and has been called the nickname "Sacha" was to claim that the great writer that made ​​kings, princes and rulers title by a sign of his knowledge, culture and education

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