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Death and life after death in the era of the Pharaohs

He lived the ancient Egyptian for more than 40 thousand years on the banks of the River Nile, and after that was mobile in the forests of Egypt during the stone ages, which extends to more than 700 thousand years BC, where he lived in groups of mobile living on the largesse of the rich by the Egyptian Environmental Ages witnessed this rainy climate helped the emergence of forest as it is now in the tropics.

With the end of the stone ages, and the transformation of this climate to the period of drought, began these forests and green areas is gradually becoming a desert covered most of the land of Egypt and began determined the features of Egypt the current geographical and limited green space on the valley of the River Nile as a head of water in Egypt and a few oases scattered in the Western Sahara and runs through this valley of the Nile from south to north, bringing with it silt, Arsabh left and right, creates it and has fertile, which called for the ancient Egyptian mobile to stability and permanent residence next to the river, which helped to establish the ancient civilizations and, following the centuries until the early stone ages, modern and prehistoric times and such dynasties and historical periods. This stability has helped to reflect on the ancient Egyptian in his environment, his life and his future.

 It is the most important thing is to fill the mind of Egypt and the end of his earthly death is the only truth in his life. Every human being must have the end of a death which was expressed in the Egyptian language to (death) A provision has been a man lay stretched on the face of the earth.

And often wondered what is death? What after death? Is it the end of the first life? Or the beginning of another life, and has found the answer from the surrounding environment. Found the answer without asking. Has allowed him to stability after the curfew, the opportunity for reflection, and found that the sun and the moon and the stars appear, then disappear and then appear in Vtakhtvy continuous loops as well as the annual flooding of the Nile and then settle down, and then scarce, and then flooding again and so on. As well as crops and plants grow and then derived and then grow again, and this also helped the discovery of agriculture where he sees the seed grows a tree and then given Bdhira is cultivated trees are given and so on.

 He also compared himself with the elements of the environment around him. It is one of the most important elements of the environment. Wondered Could it be that has a beginning again after death. And began to put these concepts to life. Be certain that there is life after death and the inevitability of life uncertain, but at the same time found that the exhausted body after death, he wondered how the salute once again, without the body, it was necessary to maintain this body has no physical embodiment.

  After many failed attempts, succeeded in reaching the process of embalming the body, which goes from the most important customs, funeral, especially during historical times and saw that the body is not only the meaning of life, the second, but there is also a spirit, which is called (Ba), which is the body which is called (Khatt), Spirit is the power inherent in the body, the engine has and that forsake him after death. And here is the question how to reach the ancient Egyptian to know that each body of a spirit? He has not seen it before or after to this day the spirit out of the body, which is mentioned in the Holy Quran "and they ask you about the spirit, the less is the order of my Lord" verse.

 The spirit is the secret of God's people had not seen it. How aware that there is the Egyptian spirit of the body? To answer this question, we find that Egypt is the land of Kenana has had many of the prophets and messengers of God and was the first of them, "Seth" Ben "Adam" peace be upon him and "Abraham" and his son "Ishmael" and got married to Egypt and then "Jacob" and his children, including "Joseph" and "Moses" Kalimullah them all the peace of God. In addition to these apostles and invite them to worship God one Sunday there was another source extended to the "Adam" peace be upon him father of human beings, Vetoarth generation after generation of the ancient Egyptians, beliefs about mortality and the account and the other world, and that was the passage of time penned by the ancient Egyptian style and approach.

He knew that there was the spirit of that which is called "Ba," which leaves the body after death and ascend to the sky. That is why it is embodied in the form of a bird or a bird has a green head of the deceased, and holds the face, but where to turn this spirit? It is contained in all religions.

He studied the ancient Egyptian sky carefully and monitor their stars and draw a circle astronomical famous, but noted that the star Arctic is the middle and center of the sky and Tdorholh galaxies, stars and planets, Fahadah the idea that the stability of this star and not to change his place, while that of all the stars revolve around it, is a symbol of eternity and Asermdh . I think that lives up to the sky to the star and then back again to their bodies for the compliments again.

  Also I think the Egyptian that he must save the name of the deceased as well as the name, which is called the (Ryan) is part of the body of the deceased knew him throughout his life, he must maintain it was recorded inside and outside the cemetery and the Twabath from home and abroad, as well as furniture funerary and Halith example king (Tutankhamun).

 Also interested in ancient Egyptian heart, which he called the "Abe" and the heart of the most important members of the human body necessary for life were keen upon the ancient Egyptian after death pulled from chests and embalmed, and then bringing it back to place the chest again. And to the belief that the source of goodness and the source of evil in man and through the known human goodness or corruption and by the weight of the heart during the trial of the deceased in front of "Osiris" Lord of the other world by faith of Egypt, is to know his fate Paradise Onar, where the heart is the one who loves is who hates a which carries the hatred or love.

  I believe that good deeds and bad come from the heart, but that the heart is the vessel which contain the works of man bad becomes heavy, as we say in our day: "The Heart of Black" or "Heart of Stone", and when the weight balance puts the heart in the balance while the other side the symbol of goddess (Maat), a goddess of justice and fairness and symbol feather If this heart weighted equal to this symbol, it is considered mild, free from sin and the sin, and fate of the owner of Paradise, which is dubbed "Yarrow" fields, the God of the underworld of Osiris, blessed and congratulated them. If there is any heavy heart full of iniquities and sins His fate or hell "Sdj" any fire.

Which was filmed on the lake bursts surrounded wall thick black has no door and surrounded from the outside, dozens of cobras, then the wall another four sides sign of fire or hell (Sdj), while such as in the four corners four guards in the form of four monkeys sitting on chairs to prevent escape of sinners, as they tried to flee after throwing them in hell. This is the opposite of Paradise, which they called "Yarrow," which represented the rivers is conducted under the land and the gardens and fountains of water, etc. which enjoy the righteous of all kinds of foods and beverages as portrayed and they have tables offerings, such as they are tilling fields, "Yarrow," and live in peace with the gods.

  The rest of the members, consisting of the liver, intestine, stomach and lungs, were removed from the body and stuffed and kept in pots especially called pots canopic relative to the city of Canopus near Alexandria represented hoods general of the deceased, and then represented in the form of the heads of the children of Horus, the four (ugliness Snow F - F-born death - Hapi - Amisty), while the removal of the face and eyes as well as the brain was extracted through the nostrils and a hole at the top of the skull.

And between death and trial before the "Auxerre" Lord of the other world there is the grave prepared by the deceased himself before death and Metraouh between Dvinat small rooms and terraces, pyramids, different shape, but the goal and one which is to maintain the body after death from damage. We find that this tomb provided the fake doors adorn the upper parts of the tomb, which is also called the gates of life, a representation in stone or wood to form the doors with pictures of the deceased record owner of the tomb and His names and titles,

  The purpose of this facility to the soul to see her grave, the mummy inside her body, then enter it into the grave, and then to the well Mosul to the burial chamber, and that his drawings of ancient Egyptian hand in papyri written "dead", and is present in the other world where he portrayed the spirit in the green bird's head down to the cemetery for the burial chamber dating back to her body to live again.

 As well as the doors are decorated with scenes of life gifts and offerings, carriers moving their faces into the doors of life, where he graduated with the Spirit for the night to receive these gifts as the ancient Egyptian thought.

But the idea of the existence of the Egyptian tomb of the deceased and how to get out of it, save where Almmia burial chamber inside the coffin? And how it will come out of it?

  I think the ancient Egyptian to stay tomb is but a temporary residence for a limited period not aware of a range where he was his grave, another house for him, for the temporary accommodation was to be provided with the grave all that was needed and used in his worldly, you will find in the tomb of the Kingdom, "Hetepheres" the mother of the King "Cheops "2620 BC. m, containing furniture of Nmuseh and a bed, chair, boxes jewelry, tools, food and a stretcher, as well as the tomb of" Tutankhamen "with all its furniture, tools and utensils, etc. all that was used in the other world is kept in the tomb for reuse in this temporary accommodation

When the return of the soul to the human body will salute the deceased and the District as an object to be used these things come out at night to have received gave him and then back again to greet Bcyprh eat and drink, but how will come out of the coffin, tight closure. I believe strongly that the magic will open the coffin and the grave to go to the other world

But what after this temporary residence? Thought the ancient Egyptian to there on account of the Kingdom "Auxerre" Lord of the other world is going to come out after this trial, which was erected to him in front of 42 God, and headed "Auxerre" where is the weight of his heart in the balance by the "Horus" and Anubis "in front of the symbol of justice" Maat, "where the heart is placed in the hand, the symbol of truth and justice in the balance, a feather or a symbol of the Gods" Maat, "and if the weight symmetric This indicates a patent from the sins of the deceased

The weight of the heart means is guilty of committing sin. In this case, cast to the heart of the "Uncle" to devour the heart, an animal with a crocodile and a lion front and back of the Adelie, and this is what means the deceased lost his life, whether the sea or the river and on the ground he has no room to escape with his life. As he meets the body in the lake of fire "Sdj."

From here, we find that the subject of death and after death was in control of thought and mind of the ancient Egyptian, so do thought and meditation and imagination than his images his imagination all of these beliefs, which scored all its effects, both papyrus as known as the "Book of the Dead" and "what is in the other world "and" gates. "As well as on the sides of the coffins and graves as well as by the habits and customs of burial and beyond.
And finally settled on the worldly life is just the beginning of eternal life eternal in the other world


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